Ads – The Good & The Bad

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

My cousin and family came visiting from The US. After going around the city for a while, my cousin’s wife, who was born and brought up in US, asked me, “I have been seeing many hoardings around. Most of the Indians are dusky. But why are all the models fair? There is not a single dusky colored model. Are they ashamed of their color?” It is a question that we must ask ourselves. Are we ashamed of our color? I am not ashamed of my color. Some of my relatives are and of course, the ad film makers must be.

According to me, an ad shouldn’t be aired if it advocates a wrong message. For instance, Fairness cream ads. Some portray that only fair men get girls and vice versa, fair girls get the chance to interview, fair girls get the job, the girl says the speech well when she becomes fair, the girl stands…

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