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Ballerinas – Answer to Every Question

Conceived as the shoes for Ballet, Ballerinas or Ballet shoes were initially used for the dance form. Even now, in the strictest sense of its meaning, that is what they are meant for. However, these beauties evolved overtime and are now used for every occasion. The most striking feature about Ballerinas are, they are light weight and made for comfort. Being a person who has tried all kinds of shoes, here is why I strongly recommend Ballerinas-
1. Comfort – Of course they were meant to be dancing shoes. You could expect a high degree of comfort while wearing them. If you pick the right size, you will know it when the beauty just clings snugly onto your feet. The comfort also varies depending on the material. In a cold weather, leather would keep you warm while in heat, cloth would keep your feet unhurt.
2. Design – Like any other products today, Ballerinas are available in a wide variety of designs. Be it classy checks, sexy animal prints, simple plain colors, polka dots, shiny and sequinned, brightly color splashed or as per your specifications. Yes. You can even renew your old ballerinas by covering them with the cloth of your choice. There are DIY videos for the same on youtube. 🙂 Trust me. It is easy. As the fashion industry has grown, so has people’s sense of fashion. Think of any design and you can easily find it, somehow.
3. Price – Ballerinas, whether meant for dancing or flaunting the beauties, start from as low as INR 250. As for the maximum, sky is the limit. For those who love shoes, Ballerinas is the best option since, they can buy more for low prices. The one below costs as low as INR 298. It is simple yet elegant. Whether you’re going for a party or to the neighboring shop, this suits all occasions. That is how they work. Buy at low prices, wear them everywhere.

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4. Compatibility – The best compatible dresses to go with your Ballerinas:

  • Capris
  • Shorts
  • Casual pants, full length
  • Jeans
  • Leggings
  • Knee length skirt
  • Knee length dresses

In short, they go pretty much with every dress other than sarees, salwar kameez and bodycon maxi dresses. I heard someone say that ballerina wouldn’t be a good choice for short people. I say no. Because, they have Ballerinas with heels. Besides, tall or short, wear what you like. Whether that means a 4 inch shoe or a ballet flat. Your feet, your choice! 😉