Friday Semi Casuals For Indian Divas

Image courtesy: girlsfashionsense

While working with a branch of an International company in Kochi, I was told initially, that I could wear Semi casuals to work on Fridays. For men, the semi casual wears are pretty much the same everywhere. It isn’t much of a pain separating the casuals from formals. However, for the women here, our work attire comprises of salwar kameez or kurtas (sarees for some). We do not wear the pant suits or professional skirts like in the west, which reduces our choices considerably. Once I began my work, I realized that nobody knew the difference. One thing was sure. The difference had to be in salwars, kurtas and sarees itself, since that was our comfort zone. Hence, after a lot of deliberation, I decided to make a list of the variety Kurtas that would come under the semi casual category. We need some Friday fun too ;): 1. Full Length Kurta – The one currently in fashion. It suits all body types. If you’re tall, it emphasizes on your structure and if you’re short, it also makes you look tall. Sleeveless is always trendy while, the fact that it is a kurta keeps it formal. 2. A-Line Kurtas – Dresses with too many flares might look too gaudy. While those with no flares might seem too boring. Midway, with the right color combination could give you the right semi casual look. There are many varieties of styles in A line kurtas – with varying sleeves, with ethnic jaris or with modern prints and grafittis. All you have to know is the apt design for your color and shape. download 3. Kurtas with modern prints – Kurtas are basically variations of salwar kameez. From the traditional looks of salwar, kurtas have traveled a long way and now, to give it the modern touch you love, they come with colorful modern prints and graffiti. Certain color  combinations and designs give the much aspired modern look to these beauties. Pair them up with printed or plain leggings and you could carry off a modern look gracefully.

4. Plain White Kurtas with Patiala paired with accessories – There is nothing like white. Basically, patiala salwars give an ethnic touch. When ethnicity is paired with traditional jhumkas and ear cuffs, it brings out the Indian beauty in you. You might think that it would end up being too showy. Just ensure that the clothing is plain and then accessorize. It would give you the midway look.
Image courtesy for Jhumkas: silvermessages

A white kurti, as you all know could be worn with any color patiala. So, if you own one, you own multiple dresses at a time. I love how Kurtas, for they are a safe bet for any occasion. I have heard friends complain about how they can’t wear western formals here since it is not in trend. But I have no such complains. I feel great about the Kurtas and its various styles that come up on a daily basis. The difference between formals, casuals and semi formals depends upon our sense of color, style and accessorizing. So, next time, mix them, stitch them and accessorize them for some head turning Friday semi casuals.

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  1. Pragati

    Your blog is tooo fun to read…I enjoyed a lotttt 🙂 and I loved that black dress…could I buy that and from where ? <3

    1. Rangelz

      Thank you Thank you Pragati 😀
      Ooh I loved that too. But I can’t buy coz I have too many blacks already.
      Here is the link -
      Go grab her! 😀

      1. Pragati

        Thank you sooo much for the link :))

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