Get Ready to Shake Your Tail Feathers

You must have heard these words if you were a cartoon network fan. Cartoons! Well that is for another post. In this one, you will know the benefits of shaking – not tail feathers, but your phone. πŸ™‚
Our phones are consuming a considerable amount of our time. If I’m to list the number of important as well as unimportant ways the smart-phones use our time, the list would never end. One among those is, browsing the app store. I spend a lot of time in the app store looking for games, cute wallpapers and apps that save time, money, energy, battery etc. This was when I heard about the new Airtel app and I decided to check out what they have in store for us. This is what I found:
1. The Surprise element – Many wouldn’t know. But most of my recent purchases were made out of credits that I availed from here and there. Keeping your eyes open in the internet gives you many opportunities. Some might be boring and others might be time consuming. However, I shop only when I am sure that I pay nothing or just the right amount. For someone like me, the Airtel surprises is a welcome addition to life.
Recharge is a frequent activity. But what if we get some discounts on the stores that we frequent. This is what Airtel surprises have done. When I recharge for a certain amount, before making payment, I get to choose a coupon of my choice from among categories such as shopping, wellness, entertainment etc.
2. Convenience Element – I know other apps that provide the above said coupon feature. But not one that provides this ease of access. Imagine, there are certain frequent activities that you do. But each time you need to do each of those activities, for instance pay the bill, you need to type in the site, wait for it to load, fetch the password from elsewhere, enter the ID & password, give the bank details. You get it right?
The App has a solution for this. If you recharge a certain number frequently, if you have the habit of keeping track of your mobile balance often, you can categorize such activities under the head ‘I want to’. Now, you will have ‘Recharge’ and ‘View’ options under the ‘I want to’ tab which you can easily access without any hassles.
Brownie points? You can save your card data which is very much secure and in a couple of clicks get your recharge done. Aha! Not just for your phone, but for any number.
3. Reminder Element – Generally, I recharge a data pack and then forget that the data is in fact limited. I happily prance about from gmail to facebook to whatsapp to wechat to hike to wordpress to well, you know! Until I get an error message saying ‘Low balance’. That is when I realise that I exhausted not just my data pack, but also the 100Rs main balance in my phone too.
The App gives you alerts on low data. It’s like a friend who warns you, ‘You better stop banging on my buttons. Else, you will have to pay the price.’ So, now that you are alert, you wouldn’t lose much cash from your main balance. On the other hand, when your main balance is depleted, the app alerts you again. Also, the app reminds you when the payment is due and alerts you on when the due date is.
Ooh! ooh! Did I say about the fun element? You can simply shake the phone and view some lovely offers from Airtel itself. That is the benefit of shaking I mentioned initially. It might be a full talk time or a free data or well, you never know! πŸ™‚ I have never come across an app which was more customer friendly.
To know more about the app, you can visit their site Here.

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  1. theonlysup

    Good one. I recently converted it to postpaid so recharge is not an option for me. I use it to view bill details and data Usage details . yeah for recharge i had mobikwik, freecharge.

  2. teny

    No bigger surprise than seeing you here πŸ˜€ How did the exams go? πŸ™‚

    1. Rangelz

      It sucked. The group I studied, they set sick papers. And the group I didn’t study, the papers where easy. πŸ˜›

      1. teny

        I am impressed by the honest answer πŸ˜›

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