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Day 3 – A Long Awaited Dream

100 Happy Days – Day 3

Happiness is weddings and being asked to be someone’s bridesmaid 😀

I have had many tiny & huge wishes. As a child I was very fond of pretty princess frocks, barbies, make up, long hair, nail polish etc. I was a typical girl and I still am. One of my greatest wishes were to be a bridesmaid. There was also another dream. In my childhood, it was to wear the princess frock. The huge fluffy, pretty, long dress with flairs. As I grew up, it changed to the elegant gowns. But in my place, I won’t be able to wear the gown at all. Not even for functions. Gowns don’t suit the kind of functions we have down here. So the only chance was to either go get settled in a foreign country, marry a christian or have a christian sort of wedding, or simply, be a bridesmaid. That would strike off two things off my list at once. The sad part was, I did not have any close friends who wear christians & who would ask me to be their bridesmaid. So this was a distant dream that I had written off until… image I got a message today morning. A friend invited me for her marriage. And then, she threw the bomb at me,
‘And be my bridesmaid’.
My heart was beating like a drums set, my mind was racing and my brain was calculating,
‘Does she think that I’m someone else?’
While my heart was doing the pirouette,
‘Bridesmaaaaiddd! Weeeee!’
Brain, ‘Did something go wrong?’
Heart, ‘Weeee! Weeee! Weeeeeeee!’
Brain, ‘Maybe she really thinks I’m someone else.’
Heart, ‘Gowwwwnnn! Pretty… long… gown!’.
Brain, ‘It’s costly you idiot!’
Heart, ‘I might go for manual labour – ploughing the fields and selling the harvests – for a month.’
Brain, ‘So she did call me, really.’
Heart, ‘Weeeeeee! Bridesmaid!’
That was the last pirouetting since my heart fainted due to overload of happiness. Hell yeah! I don’t know if I can make it to the wedding, I don’t know if I can afford the dress. But I felt happy about being asked. I had written off even the possibility of being asked. And when I know that it is possible, I feel happy. I will wear a gown, I will be a bridesmaid.
Not necessarily this year, not necessarily for this marriage. But yes, someday! 🙂