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Day 6 – Pampering Yourself

100 Happy Days – Day 6

Happiness is pampering yourself 

I have never gone for a hairspa before. But now, my hair has become so damaged that I did some research and then decided to get a home hairspa done.
I used some Avacado, honey & olive oil for the entire process.
It was strenuous and time consuming. But once I washed and dried my hair, it was worth it.
I would suggest that we all take some time off our schedule and find time for ourselves. To pamper and give good care to our body, maybe once or twice a month.
I know many people who work forgetting about their body. They barely eat, they do not exercise and they do not give the body the essentials that it needs.
We all have a responsibility towards our body. It is like a machine. It requires extra repairs & maintenance when we do not give timely care to it. Similarly in many cases it is when we ignore our duties towards our body that our health deteriorates.
Some say that hair spa, clean ups etc are waste of time & money. No, it is not. In fact, if unnecessary chemicals aren’t involved, it ensures that the hair is strong & that the face is clean. Using excess of cosmetics and chemicals is luxury. But not methods of maintenance.