100 Happy Days, Food

Day 7 – I'm The Chef

100 Happy Days – Day 7

Happiness is cooking and being told that the food was delicious! 😀

Today, we decided to prepare Chappati for lunch. It has been so long since I have had tomato curry. So I decided to prepare that for the side dish.
I love garlic and since the garlic paste was over, I chopped a whole lot of garlic and used in the curry.
While preparing the dough for chappatis, I also sprinkled some methi (fenugreek) leaves. That simply enhanced the taste. If you haven’t tried, do buy some Methi & mix with the dough. It brings a nice flavour. You even get dried Methi in packets.
I have the habit of spreading some ghee on really hot chappati & eating. But since there was no ghee, I decided to put a cube of butter, see it melt in the chappati’s heat and then eat it. Woah! That was yumm. The butter’s salt added to the flavour.
Finally, when we sat to eat, my grandmother saw the curry and said, “Looks like that is going to be really tasty”. I was beginning to fly. For my grandmother is an awesome cook. She is the best. My friends and family simply love the food that she makes.
She began to eat. But did not say anything. Finally, when I asked her how it was, she said it was good. After sometime, she said it again on her own. Just now, while having dinner, she said “I liked today’s chappatis. They tasted so good. The curry was really good too”.
I was flying, flying high, soaring far and wide.
Cooking is so much fun. Specially if you are experimenting things. It is the permutation & combination that makes the difference. Finally, when you know it has turned out to be good, when people tell you how delicious it is, the happiness know no bounds.
I know many people who don’t like to cook. I agree that all aren’t the same but, knowing how to cook a couple of dishes is important for we don’t know what the future has in store for us. On another note, at least once in their lifetime, everyone must take it up as a challenge and cook one time’s meal. For the sake of the experience. You never know, you might just like the feeling. 🙂