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Day 10 – Getting Things Right The First Time

100 Happy Days – Day 10

Happiness is getting things right the first time.

There is a very famous proverb, “Too many cooks spoil the broth”. But I would say, the broth would never get spoilt as long as you know who is the boss! Ah yes! My Grandmother was the boss here. A toe out of the line and the protruding portion is chopped off. 😛

Um… she is not so bad. She is a wonderful woman and we know her too well to meddle with her. 😉

Yesterday, we happened to watch a cookery show where they made Aloo Parathas. In our part of the world, we have Chappatis, Naana and Porottas. Parathas are North Indian specialties. We love North Indian food as much as we love the South Indian dishes. We used to make Aloo parathas using another method. So, for a change, I made up my mind to try out Aloo Parathas in this ishtyle.

So my sister, grandmother and I, all set up towards the goal. I am sure most of you all know how to make Aloo Parathas and I don’t have to go into the intricacies. Besides, I am just a beginner.


But for a beginner, we were pretty good I believe. I am not sure about the looks, but it tasted yum. Doing something right in the first attempt gives so much joy because you know that you are taking a risk. Always, the first time is a risk and mostly, it is a sort of blind attempt. Of course you learn when things go wrong, but at the same time, you get double the happiness when they are perfect.


You can see the final outcome above.

For all those who are hesitating to cook thinking it might go wrong – both men and women – I say, simply try. Just start with something simple, google the recipe and just follow the steps. If you follow the steps as it is, I guarantee that it will never go wrong. You will know the joy of cooking. Once you have established yourself, to yourself, slowly dig out the bigger recipes and try.

All you have to look out is for 2 things:
-Wrong/Disproportionate ingredients
-Wrong methods

As long as we are sure that the above mistakes don’t happen, food always gives us joy – whether we are cooking them or eating them.

PS – Yippee! I got a dish right, the first time. 😀