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Day 18 – Opening Yourself Up to New Experiences

100 Happy Days – Day 18

Happiness is being open to new things – Places, dishes, experiences etc

Some of you might have read my post about making lists. If not, you can read it Here. Among the many lists I have made, there was one with must try eateries. It was exclusively for my sister and I.
Today, we decided to go out. After a lot of deliberation, we settled on visiting the Lokah Cafe, Cochin. I have been self diagnosed with cafe-mania and hence I have always had a strange attraction to all the cafes in the city. So, it was also on my cafe list.


We entered the cafe and realised that it was a very tiny one with just 2 tables. The ambiance was good, but the menu is what made me stay rooted to the spot. There were some new dishes in it and the descriptions left me confused as to what to choose. They had a dish made of Pappad with masala & onion fillings. That sounded tempting. They had many cheese dishes and as usual sandwich and burgers. We ordered a chicken burrito and I don’t remember the name of the other thing 😀

I like the lights and the LOVE-COFFEE-DREAM written across.

Then, it was the longest wait of our lives. While you wait to see the dishes, I will explain about them. I did not know that Burritos were available here. In fact, I did not know what burritos were. 😛 The description sounded enticing. Also, my sister seemed to know things about it. So, I went along with her choice. It basically consists of a tortilla wrapped to completely enclose the filling. The filling here was rice and chicken.
*Takes a mental note to take a photo of the menu next time.*

The thing I ordered was bread with cheese, chilly and onion toppings. Um… yea not much of a sophistication. 😀 I just liked the sound of it.


Bread and Cheese

A couple of years back, I was not for trying new dishes. I always thought that if the dishes turned out to be bad, it would lead to loss of time, money and well, appetite. But, a friend of mine encouraged me and then I started trying new dishes, new places. It did turn out in my favour. Ever since, I have been going around the city, keeping my eyes open. That was how I saw Lokah first. Today, when I tried Burritos, I not only realize the change in me, I also understand the good that has come with it.
If you haven’t tried Burritos, look for a place that serves them. If you are not for trying new dishes, you can start with asking people who have similar tastes as you. Ask them to suggest places and then try them. The chances of screwing up is very low.