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Day 26 – Sharing Knowledge

100 Happy Days – Day 26

Happiness is sharing your knowledge

The Kaliyuga has become so intense that even the air we breath, which was pure and in abundance once, has become impure. There is untruth, deception and the greed for money, power and fame everywhere that we are killing ourselves little by little while finding shortcuts to access wealth.

During such times, all we laymen can do is to help each other. A simple act of sharing could go a long way. In our busy schedule, we barely find time to help others or share what we know. So today, when I found this, I decided to spread some happiness and safety by sharing it. Given below is a list of things you could do to see whether your food is adulterated.


I would like to inform you all that I haven’t tried any of these techniques and I do not vouch for them. But I shared these because I found this in the Times of India site and the tips have been given by the food safety analysts. I believe that is authentic enough. Besides, there is no harm in testing them out. My point is simple:

When the companies, in greed for money, go to such low extent and poison us, we, to preserve our health, could as well go the extra mile to save ourselves.

If any of you try out these methods, please do inform me here. Meanwhile, I will carry out these experiments and finally write a post with my discoveries. That would be healthy and fun! Who knows? We might just expose some of the famous faces. 😛

Aha! Detective Rangelz to the rescue!

Until then, take care, stay happy, experiment and eat well. 🙂