Day 27 – A Phone That Stops Dying

100 Happy Days – Day 27

Happiness is knowing that your phone won’t die on you again.

2015-06-15 21.08.11
My Wonder after repair 😀

It has been 3 years since my good friend, let us call her Wonder, walked into my life. Initially, she was sleek and shiny, brand new, quick and witty, running around and doing anything I asked. My friends envied her totally! Her eyes (read camera) had one hell of a clarity. She was one of her kind. And why not? She was from the Arab countries and there were but a few makes of her kind here. To make it simple, they never made her types here at all.

She became a crucial part of my life, knew all my secrets, stories, happiness, sorrows and pranks of course! 😉 But soon, she began to show unhealthy signs. She would stop responding to my questions or comments. Initially, I just put her to sleep and woke her up to find her alright. But soon that did not work. I made her practice different types of Yoga, **Khanda yoga being the most common one. 😛 I prised her open, left all the parts scattered and then after some time, I assembled her back. She was back to normal for a while and the act was repeated.

She also showed suicidal tendencies and hung herself now and then. I told her motivational stories and spent more time with her and made her feel better. Jeez! Depression is dangerous.

During the last two months, things became worse. She would just fall dead. I opened her, closed her and tried waking her up. This worked for sometime but later I had to hit her hard with my palm. After some time, that didn’t work either. She started making a fool of me. She would die, come alive, die, come alive and go on until she had no more energy left. I would look expectantly as she came alive and then she would say, ‘Gotcha!’ and go dead. Banging was the new remedy. My friends would suddenly find me banging things on the wall and look as though I had gone crazy. Many a times, in public places, she just went dead and I made a fool of myself by banging her on the floor or wall.

Imagine, you walk through a street and find someone slamming their phone on a wall constantly. That was me!

Not anymore. I took her to the Samsung hospital. The doctor there told me that I had to take Wonder to The Samsung mental hospital. Well yeah, she had gone crazy. I held her in my arms and ran to the said place. But the moment I entered, all my worries vanished. Firstly, the doctor who tended to wonder was a cute guy. 😛 Secondly, he told me that a day’s treatment would make her alright. He said he will call me up once she was cured. Sure enough, the next day, I was told that she was hale and hearty and ready to be picked up. But I was down with a cold.

The sad part of the story is that I couldn’t meet that cute guy again. On the brighter side, she recognized me! She told me she will never die on me again. And I told her, if she does, I’ll find a new friend. 😀 😛

**Khanda yoga is a very difficult form of yoga were the yogis detach their limbs and later, join them back

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  1. Bogglehead

    Ha ha this was funny! How dependent we become on our phones indeed. This happened with my phone’s battery and I had to wait for almost a month to get her fixed.

    1. Rangelz

      Getting things fixed takes more time than buying things.

  2. Somali K Chakrabarti

    So my phone has started dying very often ..and it is hard to express in words the amount of irritation that causes. I avoid taking it to the hospital in the hope that home remedies will cure it..don’t know for how long that’ll work.

    1. Rangelz

      Ah. I know the irritation. My phone is not fully cured. I’ll have to go to the doc again.

  3. teny

    I am glad to hear about your experience 😀 There is no Asus hospital close enough and so I am not letting the Zen here do any yoga; may be this one can do Kungfu 😛

    1. Rangelz

      Kungfu it is. Whatever you make Zen do, make sure he practices regularly. 😛

      1. teny

        Yes, I understand the skills and promote repetition of the same 😛

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