Day 28 – Tiny Bottles of Colors

100 Happy Days – Day 28

Happiness is having nice nail polishes.

As a child I was very fond of nail paints. Those tiny bottles of colors could make me happy at any point of time. When I went to some of my relatives’ home, they would ask me if I wanted to apply nail paint and I would gladly agree.
One day, I went to a friend’s house. She took me to her room and I saw on her dressing table cute tiny bottles of nail paints arranged neatly. There were every possible colors and I secretly wished for a set like that. At that point of time, I just had a bottle or two of half dried up polishes at home.
Even now, I like buying nail polish for the sheer joy of choosing the colors. Whenever I go to the supermarket, I spend some time looking at the nail polish section and once satisfied, I leave. Buying isn’t mandatory.
A couple of months back, my best friend’s cousin who also happens to be my friend, went to Dubai. When she got back, she gave me a set of gradation polishes. I loved that thing for many reasons. That gift was unexpected, I loved the color, there was a glittering one which I’m fond of, gradation polish is a new thing for me & I like experimenting. But when I realized that I’ll have to use it, I was skeptical about it. Let me back up a little.

I can draw, paint or sketch anywhere from walls to paper to hand to canvas to floor (It’s not what you think! :D). Anywhere, but nails. When I apply nail polish, I’m so impatient that it looks like I have smeared bright colored cowdung. 😛 No. I am not exaggerating. Many times, my roommates have pitied me and snatched the nail polish bottle and painted my nails themselves.
Since this involved applying 3 colors, I was doubtful about the outcome. So, after a long time, yesterday I decided to give it a try. And…
…here is a long distance view of how it looks. Pretty right? 😀 Well, not so much when you see it close. I’ll show how exactly it looks from near.
Since the polish is new, it was much easier for me to apply. And so, it didn’t turn out as bad as I assumed. The fashion freaks will identify the flaws. But the rest can tell me how beautiful this is. 😛
Until I got this set, I didn’t know how to apply shades. So I thought I’d help people who are like me.
How to bring the shaded effect:
-Apply 2 coats of shade 1 and let it dry.
-Apply shade 2 on the one-third portion of your nail as shown below.
-Before it dries, apply shade 3 on two-third portion of the nail to blend in the shade 2 polish. Refer above image.
That is all. Your gradation polish is ready. You can use the compatible shades you already have. Just ensure that shade 3 is transparent, with or without glitters.
Until you try this on, kindly bear with me flaunting my new nail polish. Yay! Look at my nails! 😀

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  1. ShethP

    Haha, cute post! I concur with you about painting, sketching, etc. anywhere but on nails. Maybe this will help next time I feel like applying nail paint. 🙂

  2. Rangelz

    Hope this helps you next time. From a beginner to a beginner (or are you?) 😛

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