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Day 29 – The Monsoons

100 Happy Days – Day 29

Happiness is …

                                                A view from my bedroom window

When the clouds form patterns,
the lights are dimmed,
the breeze becomes cooler,
a cue that the wait is over.

The birds return homeward,
as the winds pick up speed,
They play with my hair,
and give me the chills.

As I close my eyes,
and feel the changes around me,
I hear the pitter-patter drum rolls,
the announcement of her arrival.

I look at the vista before me,
as she picks up speed.
I hear her approach,
a shiver runs down my spine.

Alas! I catch sight of her,
gliding gracefully before me,
drenching the green Earth,
marking her territory.

She hugs the tress,
disarms the dirt,
kisses the tender sprouts,
and dissolves into the waters.

She leaves nothing untouched,
my soul included.
Of all the seasons that we have,
she leaves me awed, forever.

These are the pictures of the canal behind my apartments. It is one of the most beautiful places. You can see a wide variety of bird species in here – the parrots, the kingfisher, the coucal, white cranes, brown cranes, yellow-long-tailed bird, a black long fork tailed bird which I assume is a drongo etc.
Bzul_RUCQAAZ35q  I took these pictures when it was raining heavily. When Jun begins, monsoons hit Kerala and it rains and rains and rains. I keep wondering why one (Read a Keralite) spends lakhs of rupees, travels long distances and go to unknown places for honeymoon. Nothing can beat Kerala during the monsoons.

A view of the still waters and the drenched trees after a rain

If you ask me which is better, the rain itself or the Earth after the rains, I would always say the latter. The cold, the sound of settling raindrops, the croaking of the frogs, the leaves dripping with water, the drop running down the glass in the windows. Every time it rains, I feel trapped. If I had wings, I would surely be out there, playing with the raindrops. 🙂