Day 36 – Overwhelming Moments

100 Happy Days – Day 36

Happiness is watching your younger sibling grow

People often mistook my little sister to be a boy. For starters, as a child, she liked pants and shirt, she played with guns, she had boy cut, she was very very naughty and lots more. I do not think that these ‘should be’ boys’ traits. But that was how they took it.

As she grew, she took after our father, and was interested in playing the drums. She learnt Taekwondo. She behaved in such a way that any outsider would say, “She is more like a boy.” Only we know the real her. I, being her best friend more than her elder sister, know her better then she does.

Even so, when she started knitting, I didn’t expect her to get addicted to it. Normally, she starts drawing or some other things like these and get bored halfway through. But, once she started knitting, she was on fire. She kept pestering Ammamma (Grandmother) and within two days, she had made admirable progress.

How a shirt became a bag

Her intention was to make a tiny shirt. That changed into a not so tiny sweater. She had no idea whom she was making it for. After some conversation, she decided that she will make it for her stuffed cat ‘Poochie’. She kept knitting until the sweater was almost done. At the last moment, she had second thoughts. The knitted thing, could also be made into a cute bag. But should she convert it into one? Or will the sweater do?

She kept asking this question for a while until she found another piece of knitting she had made last month. It was a strip which, when arranged well, could be made into a huge flower. She placed it on one corner of the piece she was knitting. There was no question of what she would turn it into. That flower just made it look like one hell of a gorgeous bag! With Amma’s idea of giving a white stone touch and a little bit of help from her, my baby sister made a magnificent bag.

My little princess made this
My little princess made this

I kept telling her that I felt so proud. That I never expected her to complete it, leave alone making it so appealing. I made it my whats-app profile picture and many of my friends told me that they loved it! I know the joy of creating things. But this was the first time I felt so much happiness to see someone else create something.

About being flexible

Don’t you see? Many times in life, we start some things without any clue. Some times, we have an idea of what we want. But they don’t always end up as we planned. Most of us find ourselves lamenting on how ‘It did not go as planned’. Instead we rarely think about, ‘ways to turn things around’. For instance, if you are trying to draw a cow and it turns out to be different, try to turn it into a goat, a deer, a donkey or a horse. Why insist on drawing a cow itself when you have the option to draw anything? Good that you tried. Think of something else while you can. Be flexible. 🙂

I know that things may not be this easy always. But there are many situations when things aren’t complicated, but we make them complicated. Here, D started off with a shirt. Her flexibility is what helped her create this beauty.

PS – I said, be flexible, not manipulable. There is a huge difference. 🙂

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