Day 38 – Error While Browsing

Many of you might already know this. For the rest like me, are you wondering how could one possibly be happy about an error while browsing the internet? Behold!

100 Happy Days – Day 38

Happiness is enjoying the internet breakdowns.

Our modem has been behaving weird lately and like my phone, it will take a while to correct it. We really want the things dead for us to tend to them :P.

So it was another day and I was trying to write some stuff when, “This webpage is not available” error popped up. Obviously, I was frustrated.


I tried a little bit of this and that like always and was waiting for the internet to stop being angry with me. After a while, I did something and… and… do you see that dinosaur? He started running! 😀 I am not joking. When I took a look at the keyboard I found my fingers pressing the space key. That was it. I wanted to show this to my sister. But she is on her way to becoming a techie. So, if she already knew about this, I would be making a fool of myself.
When she walked in, I casually said, “Hey! Suuuup…”
“Um… You might already know this. But I must say, this is fun.”, I nodded towards the game playing.
“Wow! What is that?”
*Losing all the sass* *Back to normal/excited voice*
“This is that dino you see when the net is out. He can run! And jump!”

Be happy when the internet crashes 😀

“I didn’t know that! Me want to play!”
And then began the sibling rivalry. Surely, I got the game back because I have ‘Loads to write and no time at all’. 😛 Now, every time the network crashes and this dino comes, I have some fun jumping all the hurdles or bumping onto them. 😀 Untitled

Now be happy when the internet crashes and hit the space button! 😀 And please leave a comment if you got to know this through me. That will make me all the more happy! 😀

PS – Beware after you cross 500 points. Birds come flying. You should neither bump into the cactus, nor touch the birds. Good luck!

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  1. teny

    I never knew this :O
    I guess this new information will make both of us happy 😀

    1. Rangelz

      Haha 😀 I liked that. I am happy making so many people happy 😀

      1. teny

        Keep spreading free happiness 😀

  2. RAMAN

    Ranju, looking for happiness in every thing of life. This way, one day you ll prove that everything is good and we shd be happy in each and every condition

    1. Rangelz

      I agree. I was having a rough time until I began this challenge. But now, it feels good 🙂 Finding happiness in little things 🙂

  3. theextraaamile

    I learnt something new today. Thank You very much…. I shall play the game next time 🙂

    1. Rangelz

      Yaay! This feels good 🙂

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