Day 39 – I Love Stalking

100 HAppy Days – Day 39

Happiness is clothes stalking.

Window shopping – whether through the glass window or my PC window – is my prominent hobby. I love looking across various types of Kurtas, tunics and dresses – Their color combos, new styles, rate drops etc. Some of them hook me so much that I keep looking at them every now and then until they become out of stock. Frankly, they are my stress busters.
I am not a junk buyer though. I don’t have to buy clothes no matter what. There are some things that I keep in my list and buy when they reach an attainable price. I will wait. I don’t mind if the trend gets old. I want that particular dress some day at a reasonable price.  That is it. I follow all the offers, discounts and price drops keenly, especially of my favorite dresses.
After some devoted stalking, I had prepared a well thought of wishlist for my sister. Now that she was out of school, she needed some trendy stuff. I gave her a set of clothes to choose from, enlisted all the pros and cons of each dress and she chose the ones she liked. I also bought one. Window shopping, clothes stalking, ordering etc makes me happy.
The ultimate happiness is when the bell rings and you find the courier guy holding those presents you gifted yourself. My insides do the graceful pirouettes. Finally, I will be wearing that pretty frock I had been stalking all the while! 😀
So today when the courier arrived, I was already in the middle of some creativity. I asked my sister to open the packages and we tried on all the dresses. Since they were the type of dresses we did not have, we were all the more thrilled! Also, I had secretly bought her a top. I know her likes and I was sure that she would love it. She gave her broad baby smile when she found the bonus top and said that she loved it. 😀

Look at these babies 😀

The greenish-blue, the purple and the butterflies are for my sister. The floral is for me 😀

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  1. ANooP

    Do you guys end up exchanging clothes? How cool is that 🙂

    1. Rangelz

      Haha yeah. Whenever we go shopping for my sister, I am thrilled. She lets me choose her clothes. So, I choose things that suit us both 😛

  2. parulthakur24

    Ah! Shopaholic! This is fun!

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