Day 40 – An Extraordinary Quote

100 Happy Days – Day 40

Happiness is being nominated for an activity.

My friend Supreet nominated me for the 3 days quote challenge. He blogs at where he focuses on inspiring and giving helpful tips on self improvement to his readers. Thank you Supreet for the nomination. 🙂

The rules are:
– Thank the blogger who nominated you
– Post a quote each for three days
– Nominate 3 other bloggers to take up the challenge.

Here is one of my favorite quotes.

No matter what people say, be yourself. It may not be easy. But we could try. 🙂

Here are my nominations, assuming none of them have taken up the challenge:

1. Shruti Gopinath who is always high on creativity. I am curious as to what her quotes will be.

2. Girl With Golden Heart whose posts always brim with enthusiasm.

3. Anoop Pillai who’s short stories are rather famous and well researched. I have always been fascinated by his imagination.

Let the rain of quotes begin! 😀

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