Bottled Memories

There was one portion of my cupboard that we had always ignored to clean. The lowermost section. Today, we decided to just do it.
We had shoved many games in there – Chess, Business, Connect Four, Sorry, some of my childhood toys, Badminton rackets etc. There was a huge carton in which I had saved my high school sports dresses, books etc.

unnamed (1)
The Carton

There was a white shawl in which my friends had written some farewell notes for me. We did that in our 12th standard. I wrote in many of my friends’ white shawls and they did the same for me. I had completely forgotten about it. Now as I look back, it was a wonderful idea. 🙂
One of the most interesting things that I found there was a perfume bottle. I used that perfume in college. The smell is one of a kind and so I was sure that I wont be using another perfume that has the same smell. It was my college perfume and whenever I used it, I got the 8 am, hostel room, pulling each others’ legs  feeling. So, when the perfume was almost over, I didn’t throw the bottle. I wanted to smell it and remember those days.
Bottled Memories 🙂

100 Happy Days – Day 42

Happiness is capturing memories in a bottle.

Smells trigger memories. This gesture of mine was similar to bottling up memories. That is what I did then, unknowingly. Yesterday, I opened the bottle and stepped into my past.

Whenever something nice happens, if there is a smell around that I love, I relate that moment to that smell so that I can relive that moment every time I get that fragrance.

The best part of the cleaning was when my sister and I sat down exhausted and I said that I felt like eating Pizza. We  never made such spontaneous decisions specially when it involved spending too much. But yesterday we just felt like it. My sister offered to pay from her savings since I was broke after all the Sisters’ Day Out bashing.
I want to put it this way. We were very tired after cleaning the room and my sister bought me pizza. 😀 It was the most beautiful feeling.20150714_164924
I guess I have saved this memory in a box of pizza and every time I open one, I’ll remember this. 🙂

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  1. ShethP

    Smells do trigger memories. And I can so relate to this post because I have those “bottled memories” in the form of perfumes whose smell I associate with the first time I used them – either on a family vacation, at a place I call “home away from home,” etc. All those memories are close to my heart and even a slight whiff of the same perfume transports me back in time, and it feels so nice to go back once in a bluemoon and just stand in the closet and smile, recalling the good times. 🙂 Great post on a simple, yet profound cause of happiness! 😉

    1. Rangelz

      Aww that is so heartwarming to read. 🙂 I am glad that I found someone who really does this. It feels good to relate with someone so strongly. I mean, one cannot understand how this feels until one actually has a bottle of fragrance that take them to another place and time. 😀

      1. ShethP

        Yup! I can’t imagine someone not having experienced something like this before… 😛

  2. teny

    Everyone got such a portion in the cupboard, I guess 😀
    And when you write pizza, I smell dosa…I don’t know why; I guess it is part of my food policy 😀

    1. Rangelz

      So does that mean you don’t like pizza? 😀

      1. teny

        Yes. also, I am an official dosa person 😀

        1. Rangelz

          I love dosa. But it must be hot & crispy right from the pan. Else, I hate it.

          1. teny

            Which is why I buy from the closer restaurants 😀

          2. Rangelz

            Haha. That is a new logic 😛

          3. teny

            And a new idea: Live near a vegetarian restaurant 😛

          4. Rangelz

            I have Brindavan here 😛

          5. teny

            I have never heard about it :O

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