A Purple Candle stand

Yesterday, we decided to go for a movie and while booking, a fortunate mistake happened. Oh yes! Mistakes can be fortunate. 😉 We thought we had booked for the 12.45 PM show but when e reached the multiplex, we were told that our show was at 3.20 PM. I shudder to think what would have happened if it was the other way round.
We had to find a way to spend our time until 3.20 PM. For my sister and I, that is not a problem at all. We love going around the mall looking at all the shops. But since our parents were with us, that wasn’t a good idea. Since we had a list of things to buy, we decided to look around and see if we could get them at reasonable prices.
That was how we entered a showroom of ethnicity. It was mind-blowing! They had cute wall and door hangings, tiny painted wooden Ganesha idols, wooden kitchen set for children like the ones below.

Wooden kitchen set
Image courtesy: amazon.in

100 Happy Days – Day 44

Happiness is buying something simply because you love it

Collecting gift items is my hobby. It means I will be owning beautiful things for a while and I will have handy gifts during emergencies. I regretted not going to this place earlier. They had lots of discounts for these cute ethnic gift pieces and also for clothes. After about a half an hour of loafing around the showroom, I came across a beautiful hanging candle stand.

My beautiful purple hanging stand
Hanging Candle Stand

Of course! It happens to be purple. The color, the oxidized metal borders all made it look rich. I don’t have  a place to hang it yet. But, as my sister advised me, once in a while, luxuries don’t hurt. Specially if you get them for Rs. 200. 🙂 That was later. Much later. But in that showroom, I took around half an hour to decide whether or not to buy it.
Closer view of my hanging candle stand
Closer view of my hanging candle stand

Finally, I just shut my brains and went for it. I kept holding it close to me during lunch, during the movie and in the car. I have never behaved like this before but, I had taken a queer sort of liking towards it. It was in the car that I expressed my doubt about buying it. I loved the lamp, but I wondered whether it was a luxury. That was when my sister told me that it did not matter.
One day, you will light up my life
One day, you will light up my life

I have a strong feeling that this beauty will be playing a very important part in my life. It could be anything – by lighting up romance, by bringing forth a genie, by being a part of my book or maybe by breaking and making me weep. 😛

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  1. teny

    I love the lamp! And I wonder which shop is that 😀

    1. Rangelz

      You do? 😀 Ethnicity in Gold souk. We went there again and bought a lovely clutch. 🙂

      1. teny

        Yes 😀 Thats nice; I expect to see another post then 🙂

        1. Rangelz

          I wasn’t planning to write one on it. I don’t have anything to write about it apart from, “My friend and I gifted a new fancy clutch to my sister! Blah blah” I think there are too many gift posts already. I’m bored 😀

          1. teny

            True. And there are not enough things to write about for me. Something special should happen 😛 “D

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