How We Refrained From Finishing The Cake

I had written a post earlier about preparing a cake in the easiest of possible ways – No oven and just 4 easy ingredients. Click HERE to read it.
I had been speaking highly of this cake to a friend but never prepared it for him. So, I decided to prepare it for his birthday.Obviously, it was a surprise. But after preparing it, we didn’t have any opportunities to meet since both of us were busy. After a couple of days, I opened the refrigerator to find a brown colored substance, 3*3 inches in measurement. You guessed it. My cake had shrunk.

Ah! No! I did not use any of my magical powers.  That was my sister and the little baby in our house, my grandmother. 😛 They took turns to ask me, ‘Can I have a piece of your cake?’ How can I deny requests that are asked so sweetly? I kept saying yes. Now that the cake was almost over, I called up H and told him about how he missed my cake. He was depressed I must say.

100 Happy Days – Day 45

Happiness is gifting (pieces of) self-made cakes

Not for long. We decided to meet yesterday. I shaped the remnants of my cake well and took it with me. My sister and I placed a tiny candle on top of it and presented it to him. He was elated, ‘You saved the cake!?’ he asked with a broad smile. That made my day.

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  1. teny

    I see very lucky people! My friends and relatives don’t bake any cake, and neither do I 😀

    1. Rangelz

      Well, you never know, you might get lucky some day 😛

      1. teny

        Luck doesn’t know me much. But I know some hope 😛

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