About Tiny, New Fingers & Toes

A close friend of mine and his wife were blessed with a Baby Boy today!!! 😀
This is his debut appearance on my blog. I don’t remember writing about him before. We worked together around 6 years back. Both of us had just graduated and had joined a tiny firm for time pass. Well, I joined for time pass. He must have been serious because he soon worked his way up his professional ladder and flew out.
I had instantly taken a liking for this guy because he was very understanding. I missed my college a lot during those days and kept talking about it. All other friends were fed up and one of them admonished me saying, “You talk about your college all the time. It is as though we haven’t been to one.”
I was hurt. I might have annoyed them, but those 3 years were the best part of my life and I missed that place badly. I did not say anything, but he came to my rescue and said, “Hey! Don’t say that. She is missing her college. She has many memories to share. Let her talk.” Then he turned to me and said, “You can tell me all the stories.” 🙂 And I ate his ears. 😛
From then on, I realized that I could be myself with him. Soon, he let me in his secret. He was committed. When we didn’t have work, people at office used to make me sing. Apparently, one of my favorite songs was related to their romantic life. He always asked me to record it and send. But, being the prompt girl that I am, it took me 3 years to send it. It was my gift to them. 🙂
After 4 months of working together, we went our separate ways. We lost contact, not totally. We did send a mail or two, a year. That was it. But our friendship went on. Once, he told me casually that a nose  pin would suit me. I laughed it off since I hated piercing my nose. On another instance, when I called him up to wish him on his birthday, that moron told me that he was getting engaged the next day. I was mad at him. But he had his reasons. So, I forgave him. I am merciful. 😛
He invited me for his marriage, but I couldn’t go. Being a CA student is difficult you know? We are super-busy in May and November. 😛 After marriage, he flew abroad. He occasionally appeared out of the blue. Once, he mailed me asking what was that thing shining on my nose. Well, things had changed and I had a nose pin after all. He vanished again and then appeared in the form of a Facebook message. He sent a job vacancy link for the post of content writers in an online newspaper. He appeared once in a while in my blog in the form of comments. He is a friend who has been there without being here.
A few months back, he told me that they were going to have a baby. Today, he made the big announcement. About a new life in their midst. A tiny pair of hands and legs, ten little fingers and toes. The news of a new born is always delightful. When it is about someone close to you, it is all the more heart-warming.


I wish the family lots of happiness, laughter, health, peace and prosperity. Happy Birthday Baby Boy! 😀
To add to this excitement, the baby’s zodiac is Leo! Same as mine! Welcome to the herd! 😛
Oh and where are my manners!?

100 Happy Days – Day 47

Happiness is the blossoming of a new life

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  1. RAMAN

    Happy post, really !!

    1. Rangelz

      Thanks Raman. Long time 😀 How have you been?

  2. Rakhesh

    Lovely as always especially this one, THANK YOU!!! 🙂

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