Having Deep Conversations

A couple of days back, I had updated my whatsapp status and it said:
Back in college, we roommates used to have frequent conversations. We never had cell phones and so when all of were in the room, we started with casual talks. Slowly we went from topic to topic and ended up having deep conversation. It was mostly about epics, spirituality, religion, education, morality etc. That must sound boring to many of you. I rarely had such talks after I came down to my place.
I missed those days and those conversations. Here, even if we had discussions, it was all aggressive. The aim was to win over the other person. It wasn’t about trying to understand the other person’s point of view or learning something new from him. It is difficult for people to accept that the scenario could have two or more viewpoints. Hence, there were times when I politely refrained from participating in any useless arguments. Arguing isn’t my thing; discussing is.

100 Happy Days – Day 53

Happiness is going into deep conversation unknowingly.

I browsed my contact list trying to find someone with whom I could have a meaningful talk. I couldn’t think of anyone and that was when I decided to put up the status. No one really noticed it and even if they did, they must have written it off as a mere status. Some of them wouldn’t have known what to talk about and one of them did speak to me in reference to the status update. It wasn’t much.
Mere status: A macho line written on your profile to let people know how cool you are.
On a totally unrelated matter, I began talking to a friend who seemed lost lately. I enquired the reason for the change. Initially, he said a simple reason which I believed but soon, he began opening up. Our conversation picked up speed while I listened and helped him out. He accepted the solution I gave him and thanked me. At the end of it, while we wished each other a good night and parted, I remembered my status.
I said, ‘Can you take a look at my status update?’
‘I saw it yesterday. That was when I remembered my problem and decided to confide in you.’
‘And, my wish came true.’
I have been craving for a good conversation for a long time. I never thought of updating my status then. But, something made me do it now, exactly when he was in trouble. If I had put up this status at some other time, I wouldn’t have had this talk and his situation might have become worse. What made me do this?
You may call this a co-incidence, but this is what I call a miracle. 🙂

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  1. krupajnanda

    It is good to have a discussion about these all to one with you can even argue about what you think and this may give you many answers of your questions wondering in your mind. I used to have conversation with my mother in law regarding all aspects and that can go from social matters to even Political issues 🙂 And finally we ended up with some conclusion which is 100% satisfactory 🙂

    1. Rangelz

      Aww that is so sweet. You must have had a lovely time discussing things 🙂 It is all the more great if you have someone like this at home 🙂

    1. Rangelz

      Thank you Darshith 🙂

  2. Shruti gopinath

    I miss it too, having a deeo conversation with someone, really. I’d rather have technology at a slow pace.

    1. Rangelz

      Same here. 🙁 Probably we could have a deep conversation some day. 🙂

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