100 Happy Days

Some Crazily Random Facts to Judge Me

100 Happy Days – Day 54

Happiness is writing random facts about me
(Does that sound weird? But I do love writing that 😀 Helps me know myself better.)

Abhay Rathore has nominated me for the creative blogger award. Thank you for the nomination Abhay 🙂
Here are the rules:

  • Thank the one who nominated you
  • Nominate other bloggers
  • Write 5 random facts about yourself

5 Random facts about me: (Warning: GOT spoiler ahead in point 2)

  •  I am 26, single, jobless and have been failing my CA finals devotedly, 4 times in a row. 😛
  • My facebook feed is filled with pictures that say
    • ‘In a relationship’, ‘Our monsoon wedding’, ‘Our 3rd anniversary’, ‘our new bundle of joy’, ‘Our boy turns two’. OR
    • ‘I am a CA now. I thank blah blah’, ‘My graduation!’, ‘Starting a new job’, ‘My new house’, ‘Flying to some-far-away-land’.
    • While I am like ‘I still love Harry Potter’, ‘RIP Jon Snow’ or ‘Read my blog. Please pleaeaease!’ 😛
  • I have found a new pretty dress online and am throwing hints to people hoping that they would gift it to me. (Oh! Did I do that again? :o)
  • I am against porn ban because I believe it wouldn’t change anything. I fear that it might be a beginning of many more bans to come . I fear that my freedom will be curbed gradually until I am made a slave. This isn’t a fact ‘About me’. I wanted to say this somewhere.
  • For my relatives who are reading this; For the last time, the points 1 and 2 DO NOT mean that I want to get married. The jathakam you just attached in the mail to my mother, may be removed. _/\_

Phew! That was fun! Wasn’t it? 😀
I admire some of the bloggers for their immense creativity. Irrespective of their award acceptance policies, I am nominating some of the most creative people I know. I’m not sure if they have been nominated before.:
Shruti – A bubbly, creative, happy package
Maniparna – The Haiku Queen
Kokila – The Word play specialist
Teny – The Vampire King
Anoop – The Short story machine
Samjoth – The wizard of Poems
Beat my random facts, will you? 😉