100 Happy Days

Surya Namaskar

100 Happy Days – Day 60

Happiness is more and more Surya Namaskar

I joined for Yoga in my 4th standard. Our Yoga sir was a wonderful person and guided us slowly through different asanas. I remember doing Sirsana(headstand) quite well. My favorite has been Sarvangasana and even now I can do it almost perfectly.

After my schooling, I never practiced Yoga frequently. I always made up my mind to do it every morning. I did 2 rounds maximum and got bored. But since the last two days, things have changed. Yesterday, I did 5 sets; 10 rounds of Surya Namaskar which I stopped only because my legs wobbled and my hands couldn’t lift my body off the floor. Today again, I did 5 sets.

I do have some pains but they aren’t as bad as my days in the gym. I can easily push the pains to the back of my mind. Besides, now that it seems to be working, I am excited. If I continue this routine, I’ll finally make my dream come true. The dream of becoming a ‘Yogini’ (as in, a frequent Yoga doer.)


Surya Namaskar

It is our salutation to the Sun God – A set of 12 postures that increases blood circulation and improves flexibility in different parts of our body. If practiced at a slow pace – inhaling and exhaling at the right points – it also regularizes our breathing. If your aim is simply to burn calories, a faster pace would help. Each of these postures give emphasis to each of our body parts. It is always best to learn this under the guidance of a teacher.

In the hopes that my endeavor will continue, I sign off. 🙂