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A Spark of Inspiration

100 Happy Days – Day 56

Happiness is when someone says that you inspired them 🙂

The other day, a friend I recently met in the blogosphere told me that I had inspired him. Something in my blog helped him overcome writer’s block. I felt elated to have been able to ignite a tiny spark of inspiration.

That particular day I was doubting myself. I wondered whether anything I wrote made any sense, whether my blog served any purpose apart from listening silently to all the gibberish I fed it. The answer came to me in that particular message. I know that many things I write here may not make any sense. But some of them, once in a while, did make some difference. Those were my treasured goals.

There was another such moment that I could never forget. Beginning of this year, I had written a post Tips and Ideas for Inexpensive Gifting where I had made a list of inexpensive things you could gift your loved ones. In two days’ time I got a Facebook message;

A message
A message

A post with my quilled creation inspired her to create. 🙂
Whether it is about inspiring to take up something, giving a tiny push, helping with a decision or even giving some food for thought, knowing that I have brought about a tiny, positive change keeps me going.

Hope I will be able to spread more smiles and bring about more positive changes. 🙂