The Era of High Speed: Airtel 4G

We, these days, most certainly depend on internet for everything. Whether it is buying products, paying bills, writing assignments or conducting meetings & conferences, from asking about that tiny mole to finalizing a deal with clients, we are all counting on the webThe only limiting factor is the speed. How many of us enjoy watching the horizontal green bar crawl at the pace of a caterpillar?
The introduction of 3G was such a relief for all of us. It was a feast to the eyes when the page loaded rapidly. But then, our needs increased further. The size of the files we wanted to upload/download increased, the amount of work to be done in a day shot up and 3G became the next version of ‘slow’. Knowing the need of the hour, now Airtel has come up with a galloping 4G.
The new Airtel 4G is a life changer. Until now, if I had to browse the net, I used to switch on my PC because the broadband was always preferred to the mobile internet. The advent of 4G has made high speed mobile broadband a reality. All you need is a 4G device and the sim that could be obtained without any hassles.

For those who still can’t fathom what 4G is capable of, here is an Airtel 4G Speed Test. Tweet to the handle @AirtelIndia with the hashtag #Airtel4GSpeedTest and the name of any app of your choice. You will instantly get a reply with an info-graphic detailing the time taken for the download of the app in 2G, 3G & 4G networks.
For instance, here is my tweet:

I thought I’ll have to wait for the reply from Airtel. A friend asked me if I received any. But, the very next minute, I received the reply which was as follows;

I tweeted with the BookmyShow App because, it is one among the most popular and widely downloaded app. Most of us have an idea about how long it takes to download the app in 2G & 3G. If you look closely, they have given the estimated time in the info-graphic;
While it takes 50 minutes using 2G and 1.20 mins using 3G, you can download the app in a whopping 12 secs if you have the 4G network. 12 seconds is the time taken for you to read the next four sentences. How much work could you get done if you could save all the time you spend waiting for the pages to load?
You can try this speed test on twitter with any app of your choice and get the details instantly. If you are convinced, and if you have a phone that supports 4G, simply follow the link they send you. In no time, you could be the proud owner of a 4G sim. Save your time browsing and live life 😀