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Explosions in My Mouth

100 Happy Days – Day 57

Happiness is Thairvada! 😀

Thair/Dahi = Curd
Uzhunnu = Urad Daal
Vada = Vada 😛
I used to hate Uzhunnuvada. I did not like its taste and so, whenever Amma bought Vada, she bought Parippuvada for me.
I don’t remember when it happened, but one fine day I ate thairvada and I liked it. I wasn’t too fond of it. But didn’t mind eating them.
Soon after this, I left to Puttaparthi to complete my schooling. Those were the days of group studies and ‘night foods’. Since 10th & 12th class students had so much to study, we had a fifth meal which was our night food. We used to wait restlessly for the call and it used to come around 10 PM. We used to run to the dining hall excitedly.
Among other things, they gave us bread & malai, fruits and of course our topic of discussion – Thairvada (aka Dahivada)! We knew the Dahi vada day. If we had Idli & Vada for breakfast, that night’s ‘night food’ would be Dahi vada. They make extra vadas for breakfast & soak them in curd for the night.
As we walk in, we could see a lot of red adorning the white base. The chilly powder sprinkled atop the dahi looked delicious. The crispy vada soaked in curd simply exploded in our mouth. I can never forget the trays of vadas arranged neatly in the dining hall.
It has been very very long since I had Dahi vada. When my craving reached its peak, Amma bought some yesterday from Brindavan. 😀
I wasn’t satisfied by the looks and so, I sprinkled some chilly, chopped some coriander and garnished it.

Dahi vada with boondi

Don’t worry. It looks very enticing but it wasn’t that tasty 🙁 But it was tasty enough for a Dahivada deprived tongue 😛
Side view of the model 😛

The best Dagi vada I have had in Kochi is from BTH (Kaloor Coffee House). Unfortunately, they closed down. If someone knows where I could get some instant, yummy Dahi vada, please let me know. I’ll think of you when I eat. Promise! 😀