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I had begun the #100HappyDays challenge in July. But I couldn’t carry out the challenge the way it is supposed to be carried out. I missed a day or two in between and finally, when I had to study, I stopped it entirely.

Earlier, when something like this happened, I used to stop it midway only to start again. But this time, I decided that I would continue the challenge. Rules can be broken and when it is for the sake of something related to happiness, it doesn’t matter at all. Hence, here I continue the challenge:

Day 60

Happiness is Thrikkarthika/ Karthikai Vilakku

Due to my exams, I couldn’t celebrate Navaratri or Deepavali. So, when I realised that it was Karthika the day after exams, I decided I would celebrate it. Though we didn’t keep many lamps, the few we kept looked beautiful.


It looked all the more lovely with our neighbour’s set of lamps.


My little friend from upstairs also joined me. We arranged the lamps, distributed sweets and then took lots of selfies. 😀

Just like Raksha Bandhan, during Karthikai, sisters pray for their brothers while brothers give gifts. I met a very good friend of mine and he gave me a gift that day. Since I do not have any brothers, I felt very happy.

Yet again, time proved that some things, no matter how tiny they are, mean a lot to us. The joy is always in the little things. 🙂