The Good Dinosaur

100 Happy Days – Day 68

Happiness is a Good Movie.

My cousin, sister and I are animation fans. But I am a more cautious person. I cannot tolerate average movies somehow. And so, I do my homework before booking tickets for movies. After my exams, I watched all the so-called good movies and now, we cousins had to go for one. What was a safer bet than an animation from Pixar? Unlike usual, I did not even look up about the movie. We walked into PVR, bought the tickets, bought some Nachos and waited.

An Indian father was praying, while the son was watching cartoon. The father, after much difficulty, forces his son to pray. While he prays to the idols of Goddess, Lord Hanuman and Lord Vishnu, he is chased by an evil power. I am excited to see an Indian family being depicted and at the same time, I wonder how the Dinosaur comes into the picture. After a few minutes, the movie ends and that is when I realise it was a super cute short film – Sanjay’s Superheroes.

Then, it begins. The movie narrates the story of a Dinosaur Arlo who belongs to a family that farms and produce their own living. Arlo, a tiny dinosaur born out of the biggest egg is scared of everything around him. Knowing him, he is given the tiniest of jobs that he messes up, apart from messing up his siblings’ jobs too.

Say Hello to Spot & Arlo

At a point of time, every family member proves himself worthy of the mark. He/she is taken to the wall where, while the entire family witnesses, he/she makes the mark on the wall as a reminder of their deed. Except, Arlo.

Pursuant to some interesting and heart breaking events, Arlo gets lost in a place very far from his home. Frightened and anxious, he tries to find his way back before winter. But, in vain. This is where he befriends, or rather, he is befriended by a new companion – spot. I must say, this little thing runs the show from then on. I kept wondering how the creators thought of this character and made him so adorable.

“If you ain’t scared of a croc bitin’ you on the face, you ain’t alive. Listen, kid. You can’t get rid of fear. It’s like mother nature. You can’t beat her or outrun her. But you can get through it. You can find out what you’re made of.”

The rest of the story is about how Spot and Arlo go through an adventurous journey and grow close in the process. With moments that tear us, tickle us and leave us wide eyed, The Good Dinosaur was one of the best instinctive movies I have ever watched. Take a look at the trailer:


I was incredibly blown by this movie and I wonder why it wasn’t much of a hit.

♦ Some of the visuals were stunning. A lot of detail has gone into the making of the movie.
♦ The message is loud and clear.
♦ There aren’t many dialogues. You will realize that you don’t need words to feel it. *sigh*
♦ It ends on a note of how you let go of things/people. Some do not belong with you.
If I were to compare this one, Inside Out and Minions, I would definitely rate Good Dinosaur the highest. The only problem with the movie in my opinion is that, they could have chosen a better and a catchier title. 🙂

I loved the Nachos, the movie and my companions. We howled with Spot & Arlo and have adopted it as our new method of communication.

You must watch the movie! *Owwww…* 😀

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  1. Hargun Wahi

    Oh, now I too wanna watch this movie…sounds great and well, adorable 😉
    Happiness is indeed a good movie, when toppled with nachos and friends to share them with !

    1. Rangelz

      Let me know if you like it 🙂

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