Leaving the Battlefield

I walked stealthily, my eyes foraging the mess.

I walked away from the field, towards the Horizon.

The battle was over, silence took over.

I couldn’t be sure, were the enemies all dead?

They could lurk behind the shadows and strike me unawares. 

I had gained some distance, when I broke into a run.

The sound of my footsteps mattered no more.

I had to get away. Far far away.

I stopped to catch my breath and resumed the run again.

A smile spread across my face, slowly as the breeze.

It grew wider and into a laughter.

It was over. I knew it.

It was all over.

The enemy had fallen.

Image courtesy: bodyhealthsoul.com

I had escaped with a few scratches here & there,

a broken lip I got from the fall,

a few more scratches on my hands,

and a deep gash on my right foot.

That would heal with time!

There was just one thing, ruling my mind.

The enemy had fallen.

You could say ‘fallen back’, ‘retreated’ or even ‘dead’.

For 2015 would never return.

I had seen to that!

I went ahead, my heart beating fast,

my spirits soaring,

I embraced what was ahead of me,

and before I knew,

the time had begun the healing.

15 thoughts on “Leaving the Battlefield

  1. A different and amazing perspective of the new year.. Loved it.. 🙂

    Wishes that the new terrain
    Sees you strolling the fields
    With little spring on your walks,
    A mysterious and secretive smile,
    About to spill and roll on to laughter,
    With eyes twinkling with joy
    And competing with the stars..
    Let the scars be forgotten..
    For it’s time to add some fun,
    Color, beauty, joy and
    Lots and lots of smiles.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. When I started to read, I thought it was about the Pathankot encounter 🙂

    Good that you had a victorious year…

    I like your style of conveying that victory doesn’t come without bruises…………..


  3. Well, evil always finds a way, they say. But in this case, there shall be no revenge of the fallen 😀
    Reminded me of Odysseus getting away from the Greek-Trojan War/the meaningless existence at home 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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