Valentine's Day – 9 Fun Ways For Couples & Singles

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There are lots of singles who turn all gloomy when February begins. They see the Valentine’s Day vibes everywhere. It begins with annoying people like me, writing posts on how to’s and what to’s for valentine’s day. No matter where the singles turn, there is love in the air. During those times when I forget that it is Valentine’s Day and ask someone,

‘Hey! What’s up?’

I get a sigh and a low voice that sadly mumbles, ‘What could be up for a single on a Valentine’s Day?’. The voice is so low that a-minute-ago-happy-me is pulled down into the abyss of depression!
If Valentine’s Day celebrates Love, who brought about and spread the notion that love happens among couples alone? Anyone can celebrate Valentine’s Day and no! It is not desperate. Let me show you 9 fun and thoughtful ways to celebrate it for both singles and couples. Bring a new meaning to Valentine’s Day:
1. Take Your Granpa(rents) Out On a Date – You have Valentine’s Day and the days before and after to spend with the love of your life. Most of our Grandparents are single now, thinking about the days with their better half. Give them a wonderful experience. Ask your Grandma to wear her best saree and jewelry that she hasn’t worn in ages. Ask your Grandpa to show some sunlight to that old exquisite suit of his. Take them for a movie and then a lovely dinner. Treat them like the King/Queen that they are.
A Sikh child pushes his grandfather on a swing in a park in the northern Indian city Chandigarh August 13, 2006. REUTERS/Kamal Kishore     (INDIA)
1. A Sikh child pushes his grandfather on a swing in a park in  Chandigarh August 13, 2006. REUTERS/Kamal Kishore (INDIA)

Psst! Grandparents are a bit tough. You might hear them saying in their bold voices, hoarse with age and experience, “We do not celebrate Love on one day lad! We celebrate it everyday. No date will match ours lad! Don’t trouble me with such stuff!” You’ll need to do quite a lot of coaxing. Kids, I tell you 😉
2. Send a Bouquet to Your Mom – Age no bar, women love flowers and bouquets. The only other person who can totally flatter them, apart from their husband, is their children. I once bought jasmine flowers for my mother. That was the first time I gave it to her – An instinctive buy when I saw them across the street. She looked at me teary eyed and said, “I love flowers. This is the first time someone’s gifting me jasmine flowers without my asking for it.” Well, let’s just say that my dad isn’t the expressive types.

If your mom loves to wear jasmine, buy her some or order a bouquet and have it delivered while you stand behind her at the door.  Or give it yourself telling her that she is your Valentine. You can send one for your dad too, if he loves flowers. 🙂
3. Visit an Old-age home – You cannot be a valentine to more than one person. Who said so? More than the money you spend on charity, the time you spend makes memories and brings smiles on their faces. The ones in the old-age homes were once like us, in the prime of their youth, with dreams in their eyes and laughter on their lips. Somewhere in their lives, they stopped receiving the love they deserved and were abandoned.

When the entire world celebrates love tomorrow, they will be longingly looking out the window, waiting for their children who may never come. Even worse, some of them wouldn’t even have any hopes of seeing their children.
4. Go Tripping – Plan ahead of time. Celebrate Valentine’s Day by going on a tour. Chalk off all those places you have wanted to visit. Plan with your friends/family or go alone. While the entire world celebrates Love, you will be celebrating lot more. It will be one of the most memorable days of your life. And when someone asks you what you did on 2016 Valentine’s Day, you could easily tell them how you went on a trip and enjoyed it to bits.
5. Love Yourself – Who is that one person who knows you in and out? Who is that one person who could get the whiff of every emotion you feel the moment it begins? Who is that one person who is capable of loving you more than anyone else? You. No matter how many people love you, you are the first one that should love yourself.
You know your wishlist. You crave for so many things. You know what Valentine’s Day means to you. Go grab what you want. Gift yourself that gadget, those books, that trip, those CDs, the dresses, shoes, food, lots and lots of food. Pamper yourself. It’s the day for Love!
6. Date With Fictional Characters – This George R. R. Martin quote says it all:

And reading is like breathing for the book lovers and it is more important to us than eating or sleeping. If you have gifted books to yourself, you need time to read it right? Just hole up in your Utopia and devour book after book all day. Book, words and literature are your love and so are the characters in them. Spend your day with them.

My Idea of a Fantastico Valentine’s Day: Books.Coffee.Chocolates.Window.Rain

7. Surprise Someone – Just about anyone. The old friend you haven’t called for a while, a relative, a neighbor or just about anyone who wouldn’t expect you. Buy some knick-knacks to eat, some drinks, take your favorite movies and songs in a pen drive and just crash land at your surprisee’s place. Drink, dance, crack jokes and have a fun-filled memorable day. Things to ensure:

a. That your surprisee doesn’t have plans
b. If your drinks include booze, no drunk dialing exes.

8. Nurture your Neglected Hobbies – Remember that blissful satisfaction after you created something? The awe and the pride you felt when you looked at your creation? Don’t you miss that?

I’ll just leave this here

A day you would have spent with a loved when if you weren’t single. Use the day to do something productive for yourself. What is that hobby you had that you never nurture these days? Try going back to it. Hobbies seldom leave you. They just lie buried beneath all those ‘Have to’s’.
9. Set a Goal for the next Valentine’s Day – What is that one thing you want to achieve this year? It could be anything expensive or time taking. A trip, a job, a gadget, a vehicle, an art, an ambition, whether it is making someone or something yours, mark this day and aim to achieve it by the next Valentine’s Day. Set the Goal and work towards it. Achieve something you love and you have always wanted. Lay the groundwork on Feb 14th, 2016.
For instance, if you intend to buy something, open a Recurring Deposit account and transfer a small amount to it every month. Do the planning on Feb 14th and open the account on the next working day itself.
So, what are you doing this Valentine’s Day?
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  1. Alok Singhal

    I just loved your thoughts here, making me feel the day is not just about intimacy!

    1. Rangelz

      Thank you so much Alok. Coming from you, I feel humbled 🙂

  2. Somali K Chakrabarti

    This is such a sweet post. Just loved it Ranjini – all the tips particularly the first one 🙂

  3. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder

    “Books.Coffee.Chocolates.Window.Rain”- with these, any day would be a V-day for me… 🙂
    A lovely write-up as always, Ranju… 🙂

    1. Rangelz

      Exactly what I thought while writing that part. I was wondering if I should mention them since they were special always 😉
      Thank you Mani 🙂

  4. ANooP

    Motorbikes, cars, camera, long trip … would be perfect for me 🙂
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Rangelz

      I never thought of camera. Indeed, it will make a lovely gift. In your case baaki ellam oohikkalo 😀
      Belated Happy Valentine’s Day 😛 Enthayirunu parupadi?

      1. ANooP

        Never knew this was an extension your blog.
        Nothing special on Valentine’s. Just another day. 😀

  5. Darshith Badiyani

    I was all confused about what to write on such a topic 😉 you did it to perfection, Ranjini 🙂 Let me set a goal for the next year’s valentines day 😛 Have a great day 😉

    1. Rangelz

      Thank you Darshith 😀 All the best for the goal 😀

  6. Prakash Hegade

    Wonderful post! The idea of surprising someone is really nice. I perfectly like the quote from R. R. Martin since the day i had read. Was glad to see it here. A very nice read.. 🙂

    1. Rangelz

      Thank you so much PH 🙂

  7. Kriti Sharma

    very nice post ranjini.. some great ideas 🙂

  8. Balaka

    Very nice post….very thoughtful as well

    1. Rangelz

      Thank you so much & welcome to my home 🙂

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