Tips for Your Leather Shoes

“There’s an awful lot you can tell about a person by their shoes”
You must be familiar with this quote from Forrest Gump. You must also be too familiar with how our teachers insisted on jet black, polished, shiny leather shoes. Though we never bothered during those times, we are well aware of how shoes speak a lot about our personality.
Good quality Leather shoes do have a charm and they could be maintained to last long if the required care is given. Choosing the right polish, a brush with the right material and tending to the shoes at the right intervals; they all matter. Here are some tips for long lasting shoes:

  1. Brush The Shoes: Whenever we are in a hurry, we tend to squirt the polish onto the shoes and spread them in just the visible area and run off. This is bad for two reasons; excess polish could damage the material and applying polish on the dust could lock the dust permanently onto the shoes.
    Hence, before applying the polish, the thumb rule is to brush the shoe with a not-so-hard shoe brush
  2. Wipe With Cotton Cloth: This is an extra protection tip which is recommended but not mandatory. Any minute dust particles remaining in the leather could be wiped away using cotton cloth. Specially if your shoes are a bit old, the remnants will always be there.
  3. Use Quality Polish/ Creams: Ensure that you use good quality polish/ cream with soft applicator. Also, while applying, be gentle and considerate. You just need to apply a little quantity of some of the polishes. Applying too much could damage your shoes.
  4. Carry a Cloth: If your shoes are of high quality, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious. During bad weather or while walking through mushy or dusty roads, cleaning the shoes instantly with a piece of cloth could spare you a lot of trouble in future.

I recently came across the product launch of Helios Liquid Shoe Polish for Shining & Conditioning and Helios Premium Shoe Cream. When I read about them, I was impressed due to the following aspects:
Liquid shoe polish.jpg

1. Performance: The product is made out of quality wax that gives a glowing, long-lasting shine to the leather with just a few strokes.

2. Range of Colors: While most of the brands give barely 2-3 color varieties, Helios comes in four colors – Black, Brown, Tan & Natural

Shoe Cream.jpg

1. Performance: The product comes with an applicator foam on the cap which helps in applying the shoe cream to the surface of the leather and gives best results after buffing it with a cloth or a brush. It ensures long lasting life for the shoes.

2. Range of Colors: The cream is available in five colors – Black, Brown, Natural, Tan and E.Tan.

Economical & Handy: Priced competitively, Helios polish and cream start at Rs. 60 and Rs. 99 respectively. They have a premium look, an easy grip and is extremely handy. For business meetings, conferences and presentations out of town, you could easily carry them due to their portability.
You could try their products and let us know about your experience. Their products are available in many e-commerce portals such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

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