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Earlier, there weren’t many who were crazy about traveling and exploring places. Fear of what lay ahead, ignorance about beautiful places, lack of motivation & finance, family situations etc were some of the reasons. But now, with the advent of technology, means of transportation and social media, traveling  is on everybody’s mind. Social media is always filled with pictures of beautiful places, travelogues and quotes about traveling.
While everything is available at our fingertips today, we always think a hundred times before booking a room. This is where most of our research and time goes into. We read a hundred reviews, ask hundreds of people, call up umpteen hotels and go about these on a loop.
Will the room be neat? Safe? Spacious? Accessible? Available? Affordable? Dependable?
There was someone noticing all these mishaps and confusions and that someone decided to change the rules of the game. DEYOR ROOMS identified an average traveler’s problems and became the solution themselves. The key areas they focused on were:
Facilities provided by Deyor Rooms – It begins with the ease of locating the hotels, online bookings, option to pay online or while checking in, hassle free check ins, impeccable hygiene with respect to the linens/towels & washrooms, complimentary breakfast, free wi-fi and dedicated 24/7 concierge.
Pocket friendly – The rooms are offered keeping in mind the average travelers who look for budget stays. Budget rooms generally lack in something or the other, or so the notion goes. They studied the industry as a whole, worked on avoiding the problems generally faced by travelers, while keeping the prices affordable. They have just 3 fixed price points to avoid confusion. On top of this, these prices remain unchanged irrespective of the season. They are reliable throughout the year which is their first unique aspect.
Deyor categorizes its hotels into 3 categories based on fixed pricing, location, and quality:

  • Standard experience of Deyor Blue Star hotels at INR 1,099
  • Superior experience of Deyor Red Star Hotels starting at INR 1,699
  • Premium experience of Deyor Gold Star Hotels starting at INR 2,499

Quality – They have  set of standard operating procedures and an audit process which are carried out in every Deyor Rooms branded property. Along with this, they invest heavily on training their staff and honing their soft skills. To keep  a constant quality check, they collect lots of data and reviews relating to customers’  experience and work on the short comings if any. In case they receive 3 negative comments of any property, they immediately delist the property from Deyor brand. Again a unique aspect to provide the best quality.
Reach – In a short span of time, they have had immense growth which explains, the availability of rooms in more than 73 cities across the country including places like Rishikesh, Shirdi, Coorg, Mussoorie, Nainital etc.
Refund and Cancellation – Here is another relieving aspect about Deyor rooms. In case the trip wouldn’t work out, but the room has already been booked, it can be cancelled subject to certain conditions, either online or through a simple phone call to their toll free number. They also have a refund policy for payments made through cheque or bank transfer.
Deyor Camps – If you were wondering what activities to do in certain places, enquire about the camp package that Deyor Rooms offer. These tempting packages comprising of bonfires and adventure are available at certain specific places only. And so, make it a point to enquire first and plan next. Mashorba at Himachal Pradesh, Jaisalmer in Rajasthan etc are some of the beautiful places where their camps are offered.
The cherry on the top? Deyor provides very clean facilities and an experience in par with that of high end hotel rooms at budget prices.The advent of Deyor Rooms will definitely be a great challenge for its competitors and a boon for the travelers with their stringent quality control policies and audit procedures.

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  1. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder

    New kid in the town following the footsteps of Oyo…:-) These definitely would help a lot… Nice review… 🙂

    1. theonlysup

      Wonder why u haven’t promoted it yet..

  2. theonlysup

    Il check this out. Oyo rooms does the same.. Thanks .. 🙂 helps travelers like me .

  3. Somali K Chakrabarti

    Similar to Oyo it seems. Budget hotels are much in demand. Nice review Ranjini

    1. Rangelz

      Yes it is similar to Oyo. Knowing about Deyor gave me an insight into how these hotels work. Such stringent quality checks give brownie points for the budget hotels. Thank you so much Somali 🙂

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