My Black Velvet Unicorn

To the world, I am invisible.
But in my eyes,
I have a world of my own.
Where right & wrong
aren’t the only options.
In my world,
there are in betweens & beyonds.
There is a right for everyone.
And the rights are all respected,
even if they’re disagreed upon.
In my world,
Infinity is just the beginning.
The difference is this.
You see me riding
The broken wooden horse,
While, in fact,
Is my black velvet Unicorn.
In my world, fairy tales are real
And your world is fake.
But if you believe your world is real,
In our world,
We respect your belief.
My World.


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  1. Nomad

    Nice one, Specially the part about respecting opinion and right

    1. Ranjini

      Thank you so much 🙂

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  4. upasna1987

    Lovely poem- You made me travel your world.

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