Some Inappropriate Things

As they walked through the platform, his hands brushed against hers. There were people everywhere, going in all directions. Some going towards the train, some away from it, some going up the stairs to the next platform. The railway station was buzzing with life. She wondered if it had been like this all the time. She was one among them, hurrying towards or away from trains, until yesterday. But today, she had come to see him off. So she had all the time in the world and seemed to see the railway station for the first time. She really saw it.
Another brush of his fingers against hers. This time, she noticed a man pushing past him & running in a hurry. She gave her companion some more space so that he could leave enough space between him & the train for people to hurry past.

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“You really don’t have to go this early, you know!”, she said knowing only too well that he’d have to go. “Now that we have met after such a long time, we could spend some more time together and then, you could leave by the next or next to next train.”
“I wish. But I should reach there in time for the drinks.” he winked at her.
She mumbled, “Guys and drinks!”, smiling all the same.
“Alright listen! The train will leave any moment now. So, we’ll meet sometime soon.”
He extended his hand. She took it. When he held her hand for longer than usual, she tried pulling it away. He didn’t let her. He held her hand tightly and began pulling her towards him. She resisted. He leaned closer and whispered,
“I like your perfume. Which is it?”
She tried not to show the effort – of resisting his pull – on her face and mentioned casually, “Eternal love”. He eyed her for a while, gave a knowing smile and left her hand. He took his bag and together, they walked towards the train.
“Okay. Bye then” he said and in two long strides, he got into the train. In the process, somehow his fingers brushed against hers for the third time. He looked at her and gave that knowing smile. She narrowed her eyes and scowled to let him know that it wasn’t appropriate. Again, his smile broadened as if to say, he knew and that he didn’t care if it was appropriate or not.
The train began to move. She turned and walked away, the scowl turning to a smile, wondering why sometimes the inappropriate things felt so good.

A work of fiction, I didn’t think I will come up with another part. Thanks to Deepika Kumaaraguru for putting the idea in my head and encouraging me to continue. Please read Some Inappropriate Things Part – 2 here.