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Skirts For Your Wardrobe

The jeans, leggings & jeggings fever has abated and the streets are flooding with Palazzos. However, if there is one thing that stays forever in bottom-wears, they are skirts. I personally do not bother what the latest fad is and what is not, while choosing my clothes. I wear what I like at that moment. But, if we do consider the trends, skirts are evergreen.
Here are some of the skirts that would add color and style to your wardrobe:

  1. Midis – Pull out your favorite laced knee high shoes for the midis wouldn’t hide them at all. While florals and maxi skirts go together, plains & midi is the best pair. You have a wide variety in Midi skirts; laced, pleated, pencil & so on. The one shown below are A-line.
  2. Pencil Skirt – I had to make a special mention of this one. How we go all gaga over Rachel Green’s clothes in Friends! And the way she carries pencil skirt with so much elegance! Recently, I when I was (re) watching it, I couldn’t help myself and ordered a blue pencil skirt for myself! The structure of this skirt adds so much grace to the wearer and keeps our movement in check. If there is an occasion you want to look super-presentable, this piece of clothing talks for itself!
  3. Floral Maxi Skirt – Ah! Maxi skirts have my attention always! Special florals, flares and all. If you are looking for some free movement, comfort and vibrance, this should do. Pair them up with black or white top, multicolored necklace & a beach bag and you are good to go! 🙂
  4. Asymmetric Skirts – Flaunt the beauty of imperfection with Asymmetric skirts. When perfection is too mainstream and you feel like breaking the rules, asymmetric helps you unleash the free soul in you. I have always found unconventional clothing rejuvenating my soul.
  5. Sexy Denims – Denims keep popping in and out of fashion way too often. So owning one of these could be like a skirt forever! You can stash it in your wardrobe and years later, pull it out and feel like you have a new piece of clothing! Plus, plains, checks, florals; you name it and they all go with these sexy pieces.

  6. The Black – This had to be included irrespective of the pattern. A safe bet, sexy, quick decision maker and goes with any top. There are hundreds of colors but there is nothing like black. I have around 20 pieces of clothing in black and I can never have enough. It suits just about everyone and whatever the  occasion, black can never go wrong!

    The list isn’t exhaustive. Since skirts are graceful, allow freedom of movement and enhance the femininity, people have explored and brought out so many varieties of skirts that one cannot own them all. Because, while you do, there will be another one in the making. 😉

Image credits: All the images have been taken from Style We. If you like these skirts, you can follow them on Pinterest and go through their Blog.