Trip to Kuzhippilly Beach & Narikulam Tharavadu

Kerala - God's own country

100 Happy Days – Day 90

I had made a bucketlist 2016 when this year began and one of the elements in it was to make at least 5 trips this year. I don’t think the number went very well. But as unexpected as life could be, I found myself in a few immensely beautiful places a couple of days back – Kuzhippilly Beach, Narikulam Tharavadu and Nedungad Boat Jetty.

Writing professional exams could just wear you off big time. So, the five of us and a qualified CA decided to meet up, spend a night together and go on a trip the next day. Nothing fancy, somewhere in or around Kochi. After a night full of clicking pictures, non-stop chattering and barely few hours of sleep, we drowsily picked ourselves up and went for breakfast. Nothing else could shun your drowsiness better than food. So after the breakfast, we were on fire! We made our way to our first destination. The Kuzhippilly beach.

Lined with pine trees and rusted benches, this beach is more beautiful than the famous Cherai beach. Situated in the outskirts of Kochi, Kuzhippilly beach is around 4 kms (Source: Google Map) away from Cherai. For those who prefer less crowd and more shade, this place is the best option. With lots of tiny brown crabs (I think they are called Sand Crabs) running around and emerging from the sand, and the thatched roof Umbrellas, this is one of the most picturesque beaches near Kochi.

Pine trees at the Beach

We spent about 2 hours in the waters, clicking pictures & walking amidst the shady pine trees. We found a beautiful shell and, after ensuring that the owner had deserted his home, my friend pocketed it.

When the thought of food started creeping into our heads, we made our way to destination number two, the highlight of the trip (Food always comes first) – Narikulam Tharavadu.

A View enroute to Narikulam Tharavadu
Kerala - God's own country
Those white cranes were everywhere!

Tharavadu is generally an ancestral home in Kerala where people lived as a joint family. Nowadays, most of these families have split and live separately, but many of the ancestral homes remain. Situated near St. Augustine Church, Nedungad, Nayarambalam, is the Narikulam Tharavadu. Set amidst the lap of nature, with greenery all around and a canal behind it; they have preserved the house so well that, if you are a Keralite, a wave of nostalgia hits you the moment you enter the premises. Such houses are the true essence of Kerala.

Paul chettan gave us a very warm welcome and patiently explained everything about the place. He answered all our queries, showed us around and made us feel at home. As they went about preparing our food, we were left to explore the place.

One of the things that fascinated me was, the way they had managed waste and artifacts that were no longer in use. They had used dried seeds and parts of the palm tree to decorate the house. We even found two shoes outside with plants in them. They also had grown plants in an old, rusted Kindi (pitcher) and an Aattukallu (Wet Grinder). The base stone, Arakkallu from the grinding Apparatus was used as the base for the pitcher. They gave an aesthetic look, placed around the Nadumuttam (The central area with a meshed ceiling) and never for a second did they seem out of place.

The plant in the pitcher placed atop the base of the grinder. What you see behind is the Nadumuttam.
The plant in the pitcher placed atop the base of the grinder. What you see behind is the Nadumuttam.

My favorite part about these houses is the Nadumuttam. During the day, it is the source of natural light that gives a mellow glow to the surroundings and during the night, you can watch the stars. Don’t get me started on how it looks when it begins to rain. I can’t believe that these houses are dwindling with time!

A peek at the interiors of a typical tharavadu
A peek at the interiors of a typical tharavadu

We spent a lot of time outside, near the canal awed at the abundance of nature, clicking pictures and wondering why we never got to know about this place earlier. A photographer’s paradise, my friends simply couldn’t stop clicking pictures. Our grumbling tummies showed us the way to the dining table and now I’d call it a Foodie’s paradise too!

So we saw this irresistible spread on the table… Er… Isn’t the post getting a bit too lengthy? Besides, I am reminded of all the food we ate that day and I so need a break. I’ll be back with part 2 of this post; all the yummy food and a surprise thereafter. Heads up: The Food part is focused on the Non-vegetarians & it is going to be a bit heavy. So, ensure that you are filled up. If you wish to visit this Homestay, the details will be given in the next post – Narikulam Tharavadu and Nedungad Boat Jetty (Part II)🙂

Image courtesy for the first 3 pics – My dear friend Hrusheekesh Anilkumar

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  1. Alok Singhal

    I have heard Kerala is a photographer’s paradise, in general. The first 2 clicks are marvelous…second one especially looks so well composed.

    I would have loved that journey with you folks…seems the locals want to preserve their culture.

    1. Ranjini

      Oh yes. Kerala is too beautiful and you should visit sometime being a photography enthusiast. The first three pics were clicked by my friend. 🙂
      Kerala is pretty much like this except for the main city area. Even near the city, you could find greenery or water bodies. 🙂

  2. ANooP

    Travelling around Cochin 🙂 Good to read about your relaxing trip. Nice pics too though very few.

    One of my aunt still lives in a tharavadu with her kids. That house looks so good.

    1. Ranjini

      Hehe ya. Ipo kurach years aytaanu Kochi explore cheyanulla avesham koodiyathu 😀
      More pics coming. My friend clicked the good ones 😛 So waiting for them.

      Is it the same tharavadu whose pics you had posted during Onam? How are you btw?

      1. ANooP

        I’m good, thanks 🙂

        No, that was my home. Sadly not a tharavadu. It’s a ‘wanna be’ tharavadu, lol.

        So more pics coming ehhh…great 😀

  3. kalaravi16

    I just love Kerala style Architecture! My husband’s family sold off their ancestral home in TVM years ago. But we had been to visit it a couple of years back, indeed like you say, don’t get me started on the lure of yester-year constructions, layout, planning and aesthetics! Loved reading about these places. I hope some day I’ll get a chance to see them myself. Meanwhile I am glad to see you back in circuit 😉

  4. myheartbeats4ublog

    welcome back (you were away for sometime)….. nice post, excellent pics

    1. Ranjini

      Thank you Thank you 🙂 Yeah I was away preparing for my exams. Hence the abandonment of my blog. Sukhamano?

      1. myheartbeats4ublog

        sukham sukham…how did the exams go?

  5. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder

    Wonderful pictures. Your friend captured them very well. I missed the Kuzhippilly beach during my trip to Kochi. You had a great time with your friends. Hope your exams are going great..:-) All the best…

  6. Atulmaharaj

    Wonderful post, I wanted to read on ! Beautiful photos. South India is less explored by me as of now…

    1. Ranjini

      Thanks a lot Atul. The next part will be out soon. When you visit South India, do visit Kerala 🙂

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    […] Read Part I of our trip here: Trip to Kuzhippilly Beach & Narikulam Tharavadu […]

  8. shalzmojo

    Wow the pics are amazing. I need to visit this place now… Thanks for such a informative and welk written post. Your descriptions of the mereka homes is just gorgeous!!!

    1. Ranjini

      Awwiee thanks a ton Shalini 😀 Hopefully you could visit this place when you come 🙂

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