Analysis: The Mystery of The Female Purse by Kenny Sebastian

Kenny Sebastian came up with this video about the women’s purse. It was meant for educating men, but I really should say, it was informative to me as well. You will know why as I analyse his revelations, but first you might want to watch this video to get the context.


You – a guy – could hold a woman’s bag?

I did have friends who were very very uncomfortable holding my bag even for a moment. When I had to adjust my slippers or do something that would only take a couple of minutes, he would hold the bag awkwardly, sweat profusely and look around to ensure that no one noticed him holding a woman’s bag. And so, during the last couple of years, whenever a male friend offered to hold my bag, I was shocked!

‘Really? You could hold a woman’s bag?‘ 😀

The Bomb in the Bag

The next thing he brings to everyone’s notice is the sanitary pad. I do have male friends who are absolutely fine with it. But I must mention that I myself had this phase where if any guy came close to my bag, the alarm in my head would go off and I would grab my bag. No! I did not have bombs inside but, *whispers* ‘What if he saw the Pad?’

There were moments when guys did notice it, averted their eyes and I would bury my face in shame. It was as though the deepest, darkest secret that was hidden since time immemorial was revealed and the world had ended. That was around a decade ago.

Now, if a friend decides to explore my purse for time pass, I just give it to him. Firstly, I have nothing to be ashamed of. Secondly, if he finds a pad, there would be two outcomes. He will either ignore it or discuss it normally which would give me an insight into his attitude about such matters, or he would panic or make funny or weird remarks in which case I could try to make him comfortable about the topic. The latter rarely happens. Most men’s weirdness with pads end in school or college or sometimes at home too, I believe. 🙂


I never have chocolates in my bag. Let me tell you why. I eat them! If I get chocolates, I eat them immediately. Even if I don’t, I leave them in my cupboard so no one finds it (Yes. I am selfish about chocolates). But, I do not carry them in my bag fearing friends who would find it (Super selfish :P). In any case, if at all there is a chocolate inside my bag, my grandmother would definitely find it and I wouldn’t even see the cover later on. 😀

So, the existence of chocolates are ruled out from my bag.


No. Unless I am going on a long trip or riding my bike with contact lens on (which happens very rarely), I do not carry sunglasses. I don’t see people wearing shades here and since it hasn’t been a part of our lifestyle, even if I did carry it, I would never remember to wear it! 😀


My make up begins and ends with eye wear and a lip balm. I learnt the difference between a hand cream and a sanitizer from this video. Since I have this weird urge to wash my hands after I use a sanitizer, I don’t use that either. This is the first time I am realizing that women carry Clean and Dry with them. Now as I think of it, it is really hygienic and handy if you are using public toilets or are on long trips right? Definitely something to think about!

Various forms of Paper

Hell yeah! In two weeks’ time, my bag gets flooded with those. Movie tickets, supermarket, medical shop and all sorts of bills, ATM receipts, Parking receipts, library receipts, shopping lists etc and they are in dozens. When it becomes humanly impossible to find anything inside my bag, and it begins to look pregnant, I clear them all.

So what do I carry in my bag?

ID cards, phone, scooter keys, minimal cash and card holder are the common stuff we carry all the time right? Since I need to switch bags depending upon my needs, I keep these things together for easy switching. Apart from these:

  • I take a clutch if I am simply going out. That is the most used item and so, it has a set of passport size photos, some stamps, necessary visiting cards and a sparkey’s card ;).
  • I take a handbag if I have to carry or purchase more/bigger things.
Contents of my bag


Mind you, the bills and all the papers will be uniformly present in all my bags. My habit of not littering the streets adds to the litter in my bags too.

Handbag Trivia

Do you know the one thing that all the bags have in common? The last point on Kenny’s video. The vanishing point – The Bermuda Triangle – in your bag. It so happens that only and only the 3 most important things go vanishing:

  1. Your phone
  2. Your keys – be it house or vehicle keys
  3. Your purse/card/money

You search once hurriedly in each and every pocket, you won’t find it. You panic and search semi-slowly everywhere, you won’t find it. You run to other places, home, inside your vehicle, you won’t find it. So you get back, turn your bag upside down & search. If you are lucky, you would find it stuck weirdly in a fold in the fabric of your bag, in a non-corner or simply lying in the middle of everything, laughing at you!

So what do you have in your bag? Does yours come even close to Kenny’s list? Or is it as drab and boring like mine? 😀


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  1. Alok Singhal

    Really insightful, he is so funny in the Vedeo which makes the learnings even more enjoyful.

    To me, I’ve had uneasy times but not so much now. I have to try carrrying it over longer distances and see how I feel.

    1. Ranjini

      Yes. He simply takes the daily items from life and makes it so funny.

      Haha I hope if you do, you would let me know your experience 😀

  2. reshmamohiyiddin

    Ha ha ha..loved the one about the bermuda triangle,its so darn true.

    1. Ranjini

      I know right? It gives us a panic attack! 😀

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