Price of a Cell Phone? A Cup of Tea

Cell phones and I share a special bond. No! It isn’t a bond like yours or anyone else’s. This is different. Believe it or not, I always get the defective piece in the lot. In fact, I was teaching probability to my students recently and I asked them,

‘Do you think that probability can be applied while buying cell phones?’

65 blank faces looked at me.

I said, ‘While you buy a cell phone, remember that there is a probability that you are taking home a defective piece. But in my case, the probability of me taking home a defective piece is one as it has always been a sure event. So if you buy a cell phone with me, and there is one defective piece in a thousand pieces,  you can be sure that you will get a good piece as I will be buying the defective one. :P’  Needless to say, they understood the concept of pretty well, thanks to my experiences with phones.

After I had a very bad Nokia smartphone, the model of which I don’t even remember, I became the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Wonder! Now, you are totally justified for wondering what sort of model that is. As my luck would have it, it wasn’t even released in India! It was a gift from someone in UAE. It wasn’t so bad at first, but if you have used a Samsung Galaxy 4 years ago, you’d know how that crap hangs. The Samsung Galaxy phones were like 2nd standard kids playing ‘Statue’. Man! They take it way too seriously. So if you want to make an urgent call, you need to dial the number 10 minutes in advance. After about 9 minutes, the phone will wake up from its reverie and go, ‘Oh! I didn’t see you there! You wanted to call up someone?’

Meanwhile, my sister was suffering from the Samsung Galaxy Ace. We bought hers after we bought mine. But after about a year, the guy decided to die on her. One fine day, it wouldn’t just work! I agree that she isn’t very careful with phones. But then, a well known company’s phone dying in less than 2 years!?

Let me take you back to my Galaxy Wonder. When we get a sickness, we google all the symptoms. Google returns the possible diagnosis which will definitely include Cancer, heart attack, tumour and a few more ailments that will freak us out and depress us. We’d panic for every micro second of the rest of our lives until the doc confirms that it is a mere common cold or a rash. Similarly, if my Galaxy wonder went low on charge (which it always did and pretty quickly), no amount of charging would bring it back. It was as good as dead. I had to send good vibrations, make it do yoga and ignore it until it decided to lift its own spirits. Didn’t get me yet? I had to open the phone, take out the battery, sim card, SD card and rub them, hit them on the bed, lay them scattered on the bed for a while and then assemble them. After that if I charged my phone, it sometimes worked. If it didn’t, I had to repeat the processes!

After being fed up of all the yoga, pampering and hours of Pooja to make our phones work, we went to a shop we were familiar with. The guys there were super friendly. We decided to ask them how much we could sell our phones for. They had already handled our phones for various repairs and so, they were familiar with them.

My mom showed my sister’s phone and asked, ‘How much will this fetch?’

The guy took it, examined it and gave it back to my Mom and said, ‘A cup of tea.’

We all started laughing and as the laughter died down, my Mom asked, ‘Come on! So tell me how much can we sell that for?’

‘You really can’t sell that thing. It is beyond repair!’

My mom added my phone to hers and asked, ‘Okay, how about the these two? How much would they fetch?’

Oru chayayum Parippuvadayum (A Cup of tea and some fritters)’, came his reply.

The laughter doubled this time. We were told that my phone will not be purchased by anyone here as the model hadn’t been released in India. The screen had broken, the software had to be updated and none of those were available here.


Well! What do I say? We couldn’t dispose either and they are lying around in the cupboards – A reminder of how much a tea and some fritters would cost. In any case, we had a lovely time chit chatting with those shop keepers and we still are good friends.

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  1. teny

    The Rock meme suits so well 😀 😀

  2. Goin' the extra...aaamile

    A Cup of tea and some fritters? hahahaha That shopkeeper has got a good sense of humor.

    1. Ranjini

      He did. They did actually. There were around 4-5 cracking jokes after jokes 😀

  3. vishalbheeroo

    A cup of tea…lol Dad used to tell an old joke to a wrist watch that doesn’t work anymore. I used to hit my old Nokia 3310 when it was expiry date, hitting on the bed and what’s not. My so-called six months Sony phone is conking every now and then, rejecting memory card. Guess, we in same boat and your law of probs makes so much sense.

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