My Relationship With Avial

“I really need to borrow a stomach!”

If you have ever said that in your life, you’d understand my position now. Because I really need to borrow a stomach. There is a lot of Avial left in the kitchen and it is killing me. Let me take you through the divine relationship between Avial and me.

Avial is a thick side dish prepared with lots of vegetables, coconut, coconut oil and curry leaves. This is a very common cuisine in Kerala. People all over the state make it in different ways and obviously, I love Amma’s and Ammamma’s version the most!

The smell of the mixture, of cumin and scraped coconut ground and sauteed in coconut oil, is enough for me to lose my mind. What happens later is beyond my control. I am like a possessed animal with its calculative mind intact of course! The animal needs the mind to plan the eating.

This is how it goes. First, I load my plate with a small amount of rice, and an equal or more amount of avial. I eat it with rasam, the gravy dish. It gets over in less than a minute. Then I load my plate with a little bit of rice, mix curd and add an equal or more amount of avial. The combination of curd and avial is my bliss station. Nobody can reach me there. After the second round, it is pretty much myself and avial. We talk, we walk, we hang out, have some fun and I nibble vegetable after vegetable taking in every bit of the coconuty richness. I stop only because the storage space in my tummy is limited.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-08 at 3.58.45 PM (3)
My second serving of rice and avial after eating almost half of the avial.

Um… don’t judge the pic quality. I had to take a quick picture as I was drooling.

After this, I groan for an hour or so about my about-to-burst tummy. Once things start getting better, I keep looking at the clock calculating the time left for tea. Tea time is the most important time of the day for me. On Avial days, even more so. Because you’d see me loading another plate with avial and having it as a snack.

Yeah! On avial days, I am barely sober. Always high on avial. Avial rules ya!!!

Thankfully, there is something greater than avial that rules me: Srimati Dhanalakshmi Gopal aka my Ammamma. She ensures that I don’t finish off the entire thing by keeping aside half of it for all the lesser mortals at home. 😛  And no, if you knew her well, you wouldn’t touch it. So you see? I don’t need to go to a rehab to get rid of my addiction. The rehab is at home and I really don’t have any other choice. 😀

Today’s avial was super amazing. And there is still some left in my quota. I try to take my mind off it, but I can’t. Ammamma was worried that Amma had made too much. Like really? There is no thing as too much avial! So while having my lunch, I somehow managed to call up Amma. The sounds in my head were screaming at me to put the phone down and eat! Anyway, I did call her up and told her how amazing it was and she giggled happily. Aww… sweet right? Maybe I should do that more often.

See? Avial is God sent. It is not only a super dish with lots of vegetables that I normally don’t eat, but also one that improves family bonding. I mean who would eat beans and call up their mother and say that the beans were awesome? Ugh! I think I might turn into a formal Avial brand ambassador.

Avial is the future for kids who hate vegetables.

Avial is the lightbringer.

Avial Cheenachatti born, First of her name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Vegetables and Curry leaves, Khaleesi of the Great Arabian Sea, Breaker of Coconuts, and the Mother of Dishes.

Avial rules!

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-08 at 3.58.45 PM (4)
Look at her <3

Now I have to go have tea. And some avial. So see you when I am sober. 😀


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