North of Frostville, where the Sun shimmers off the ice, a thin frozen stream named Nehiris emanates from atop the Misty Mountains. It remains frozen throughout the year, except on the second day after every new moon. The ice melts and the stream flows down the mountain, through the length of Frostville, enters the land of Whitewillow, runs through the bottle brush forest where it seeps into a mesh of roots formed by myriad trees and vanish.

It is said that the stream tastes like nectar and thousands of animals and birds flock to the stream to savour the sweetness. When the stream runs through the bottle brush forest, it attains magical properties due to the presence of Frostweeds. It is here that the Azures come and drink their fill.

Azures are Reindeers with magical powers. One need to know the antlers well to spot the difference between magical and non-magical reindeers. The Azures have tiny bulb-like protrusions at the end of their antlers. They are very few in number and difficult to spot.


Azures are not born with magic. Whenever an Azure is born, they are made to wait until the second day after new moon when Nehiris melts. The new born is then made to drink the nectar and as the fluid with magical properties course through their bodies, the hazel colored antler tips glow and turn an electric blue shade – An indication that the reindeer has turned magical. This hue is what gives them their name.

To be continued…


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