An Open Letter to My Cousin

Dear Cousin,

It has been 30 years. 30 years!

We had weaved dreams after dreams. We had pinned our hopes to the next closest milestone. And the milestone kept going farther away. Now you are married. Married and gone so far away that we have quit making plans. And yet, a flicker of hope escapes me and manifests in the form of a wish. Bangalore. Goa. Pondicherry.

Cousins are supposed to be your first best friends. But things never were in favour of our bonding and the lack of it caused enough damage in our relationship. In spite of all that, there was this underlying connection between us that kept holding us together.

Remember when you used to come home? You never wanted to leave and I never wanted you two to go. I would cry after you left. It was a consistent ritual. Every time you left, I would sit in a corner and cry.

We used to plan vacations after vacations. But nothing manifested. We thought things would change when we grew up. They did. We were further apart. So much so that you seemed almost unreachable to me. Things have been said and done, and forgotten. But that yearning to be together always remained.

And then you got married, and vanished. For about a year, I thought I had lost you completely. Yet here we are, trying to mend the gaps and tend to the cracks. Here we are learning to dream again. You trying to reach out, me trying to pull you out.

Let me dare make a wish again. Let us rewrite our childhood. Let us escape for a weekend. Just the few of us. Let us go back to that childhood we dreamt of having together. For old time’s sake. To prove to ourselves that some things can be achieved no matter how late they are.


This wish is all I have for you, for now, on your Birthday. Next time we meet, we will celebrate both our 30th Birthdays together. 🙂 Until then,


Note: This letter is dedicated to all the cousins who loved each other’s company and gradually lost track of each other with time. If you are one among them, maybe, just maybe you could talk to them, renew the spark and get things going, once again.

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  1. Yaaaro

    Nope!! She is not coming for a week. She has household chores and a husband to take care.

  2. aditi

    With time childhood relationships fade. New relations, career, deadlines take over. Lucky are those people who manage to stay connected with all:)

  3. sinjanag

    Lovely article. Brought back the memories of my childhood and I felt like writing to my cousins. Thanks to WhatsApp and common marriageable age group , we have suddenly rebounded over the years from the time of my marriage.:D

  4. Priyal

    I just love the way you write this letter, it reminds me of my cousin who was close to me but unfortunately, he is no more 🙁 and from last 15 years I m missing him so much

  5. Maheshwaran Jothi

    Everyone is in want of their childhood. True that childhood is the best days of our life. Wish we just stayed there 🙂

  6. eshachaks

    This was so heartfelt… Reminded me of a very dear cousin I am no longer in touch with…

  7. vidhya thakkar

    aww this is soo sweet! loved it #viddhreads #Myfriendalexa

  8. shri.krishna.sharma

    Very nice memories of childhood bonding.

  9. mommysdiarysite

    Wow!! Lovely write up.. felt like reuniting with my cousins

  10. DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter

    I shared this link in my WhatsApp group where we cousins regularly interact. Every word that you have written echoes my thoughts and feelings. Most of us drift away and all that is left is wonderful memories of our childhood. Thank you for writing this one. #MyFriendAlexa #MayuraReads

  11. jaya1966

    A very touching letter that exemplifies the spirit of cousin-hood. Yes, I too have plenty of cousins and definitely long to be with them sometimes. But I always make it a point to ring them up and catch up with them whenever I am anywhere near the cities they live in. #MyFriendAlexa #JaiSReads

  12. roysashwata

    Your post made me nostalgic. Wish we could turn back the clock and go back to that simple, carefree life we spent with our siblings and cousins

  13. Monika

    Cousins form a special bond . We get busy in our own lives that we tend to lose the closeness but Thanks to WhatsApp it is at least letting us all feel near to each other . Lovely post you have written

  14. Sanjota Purohit

    I have experienced that loosening of bond between cousins once after marriage and all. Don’t stop it! Keep it alive..

  15. Prerna Wahi

    A beautiful thought and here’s hoping cousins reconnect, inspired by your message. Keep writing!

  16. Mann (@Munkaun)

    Childhood is best time of our life for we are so close to our cousins and friends. As years keep adding, their number keeps going down and distance only escalates.everyone becomes occupied with work, personal life and all. But I just hope your letter acts as a reminder for people and decrease the distance.

  17. Poonam B (@beyondhorizon87)

    Sometimes a simple letter is enough to convey our feelings to the lost ones. Adorable. Hope you two spend time together and celebrate the big 30.

  18. richamina

    at time we drift apart because of our busy life. i hope you both get closer again

  19. Kalpana Manivannan

    Hope you renew your bond with your cousin(s). It was a heartwarming post. #Myfriendalexa #lazysummerdiariesreading

  20. Rashi Roy

    So true and relatable.Would call up my cousins today!

  21. sujatatawde

    Hey Ranjini , this seems so universal. Our growing up, bonding , sharing so manysecrets , being much more than friends with cousins then going far away and still cherishing those childhood memories. You have written all emotions lovingly, #MyFriendAlexa #SuatawdeReads

  22. Sindhu Sridharan (@Sindhuharith)

    So true. Cousin are our first friends.
    #sindhureads #myfriendalexa

  23. Nidhi Rawal Gautam

    Really felt the connection and it reminded me of all my cousins.

  24. Sonia Chatterjee

    A heartwarming letter that definitely came straight from the heart.

  25. Sonam Jain

    That is lovely and actually the truth. Your post made me feel nostalgic. I am definitely sharing it with my cousins

  26. purbajune

    So relatable and heartfelt. Beautifully written.

  27. Milan

    Your letter revived some old memories about the time I spent with my cousins. Those were wonderful days. hope u have nice time with your cousin once you meet.

  28. syncwithdeep

    i can feel this letter. but unfortunately, have no cousins who share a nostalgic experience with me. but reading this letter, I remember my brother who stays in a different country. when I go to India for holidays, he does not come. when he is there, I am unable to. Hope we both meet soon

  29. aparna_097

    This reminded me of my cousin. Due to irreconcilable differences, we grew apart. But,its high time, we mend this or in other words I take the initiative of repairing the relationship.

  30. Paresh Godhwani

    You took me back to my childhood. It is so relatable that the images of my childhood with my cousins came in front of my eyes. We also used to think that things will be different when we will grow up. So nostalgic.

  31. ☆Novemberschild☆ (@romspeaks)

    I really hope you get in touch with your cousin and enjoy childhood once again.

  32. Deepa

    This is such a sweet letter to your cousin. We rarely write letters to our cousins these days and this was a refreshing change.

  33. Samarpita Sharma (@BookLuster)

    such a sweet thing to do, what an innovative birthday wish! hope you both become as close as you used to be, again!

  34. Adi Sathe

    That’s such a lovely letter… Thanks for penning down the emotions which almost everyone shares…

  35. MeenalSonal

    This is very difficult for cousins, all are on different path and hundreds of miles away, but being thankful to technology we feel close to one another.

    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts
    #MyFriendAlexa #MeenalSonalReads

  36. Vandana Mathur

    A cute letter to your cousin. I’m sure it must have made her day. It is a fact that when we grow up we become busy with the struggles of life and childhood friends and cousins become distant. But they are always in our heart.

  37. blogitwithsurabhi

    Very emotional and sweet letter.Most of us could relate to this as we all are so busy in our lives and forget to keep in touch with our childhood best friends – Our cousins! Motivated to call them!

  38. blueskydreamers

    Aww so sweet! Not cousins but I am reminded of many friends with whom I made several plans of travelling near and far…. And then I got married 🙂 Someday I wish we’ll be able to implement those plans. Hope floats!

  39. Puspanjalee Das

    Such a lovely letter!. I and my brother are blessed with some awesome cousins. Going to share it with them

  40. pratikshya2

    This one is such a deeply connecting one.

  41. Shubhra Rastogi

    Lovely post. Felt connected to each and every word you wrote. #MyFriendAlexa


    My cousins are far apart from heart due to family issues but we do miss child hood plays


    Amazing and beautiful post. This is such a lovable letter for cousins. Great thoughts.

  44. Pooja Kawatra Gupta

    Such a deep connection here and how simple and easy life used to be earlier, planning out our weekend, vacations, gossips, fights with our cousins,

  45. Disha

    A heartfelt letter this is and I can relate to it to some extent. Few cousins tend to grow apart while others stay close through thick and thin.

  46. Tamanna Shah

    This is such a wonderful letter. When we are young, we are close and connected to our cousins and relatives. When we grow up, we somehow drift apart because of our commitments, responsibilities etc.

  47. शिप्रा त्रिवेदी

    I want to convey similar things to my cousins. We used to have so much fun along. But as we grew, somehow we got separated. Now, we hardly talks and this rakhi I missed all of them who were my brothers. I was waiting for their calls and my day ended with a dying hope of their reply for the message that I left of them.

  48. Anchal

    Such a heart felt letter. Loved it

  49. Meena

    Cousin love is precious. Social media is the only connect now. Life just takes its toll on childhood plans.

  50. Sudip Saha

    This letter truly touched my heart.

  51. Vasantha Vivek

    Wonderful letter. My hearty wishes to your dear cousin. Reading this, I called my cousin after a very long time and had a good fun chat. Thanks.

  52. sonamchamaria

    This is beautiful, especially the pic! I want to dig into my old snaps now, ha ha. On another note, I feel so happy that I’m still in touch with some of my cousins. I really hope that weekend you’ve been dreaming of comes sooner to you

  53. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    Ohh this is really an emotional read and I agree letters are best way to share our emotions. though nowadays it is almost forgotten. your post had made me nostalgic and I am missing my cousins and childhood friends.

  54. romagptasinha

    Read you after a long while dear but yet again a very heart-warming post.

  55. pooja budhiraja

    what a beautiful family and lovely story line

    #myfriendalexa #poseinstylereads

  56. lifewithmypenguin

    A heartfelt letter. Cousins are first friends we get in life, most graduate to best friends with time.

  57. Anagha Yatin

    Got very emotional while reading this heartfelt letter. Recollected umpteen summer vacations that we would spend in company of cousins. As we grew, so did the distance and now we hardly meet. Except for special occasions, we dont have time to mingle. How I wish, we could rewind time and dwell in past for few more moments!

  58. Agnivo Niyogi

    Such an emotional and lovely letter!

  59. Veena

    I tried leaving a comment earlier, but it won’t let me! Trying again! This is the sweetest letter ever <3 cousins are definitely our first besties

  60. Bushra

    Awww how beautiful bond you shared with your cousin. The same I’ve with my cousin’s.
    #Myfriendalexa #dewreads

  61. Gleefulblogger

    Siblings & cousins love is precious. Your letter reminded me of our (cousin’s) time during summer vacations. It was truly amazing. #MyFriendAlexa #gleefulreads

  62. Tina Basu

    cousins love is more precious when you dont have . a sibling. ANd then as you grow old everyone drifts apart!

  63. Nayantara Hegde

    You captured this so well. I had my cousin in mind when I read it.. so many dreams all buried under adulthood.

  64. Ruchie

    Cousins are so special always and this letter proves your love

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