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Book Review – The Last Attractor of Chaos

Book Name – The Last Attractor of Chaos
Author – Abhinav Singh
Rating – 3.5/5


“Whenever chaos go beyond a measure of control, it gives birth to an attractor to restore balance.” This line from the book reminded me of,
“Dharma Samsthapanarthaya Sambhavami Yuge Yuge”.

Gist – Ashwin Rathore gets killed and as he dies, he realizes that the death was ideally aimed at his pregnant wife. The major part of the book deals with how Ashwin Rathore, after his death, tries to protect his wife and his unborn child with the help of his own perpetual and immortal pair (Named Tantunam). The author Abhinav Singh has depicted the idea of a perpetual pair (a particle) that is present for/with each human being. The pair assists the respective person in the choices he or she makes whether in birth or death.

Ashwin along with Tantunam decides to save Shruti from the clutches of the perpetrators in spite of the restrictions they face in their afterlife. During this process, Ashwin realizes that there was more to Shruti than he had known. Rest of the story is intertwined with Ashwin saving Shruti and getting to know her better.

Analysis – By now it is evident that the Last Attractor of Chaos is not your normal book. As the blurb rightly reads, ‘Particle physics, duality and quantum enigma are the building blocks of this story’. Do you have to know them to understand the book? No. But will knowing these areas help? Yes. As I am not from a physics background, I had to reread some of the sentences to get at least a vague sense of how things worked in the book. But that did not hamper the story interpretation at all.

The language used is simple. But the description of certain scenes and actions lack fluidity. It has the effect of watching a poorly shot stunt scene. When an attack happens, you know that there are about two other people who could act simultaneously, but they just wait for their chance to get killed. Also, I felt that there were unnecessary punch dialogues in situations, said by people which made it over dramatic. In short, it does require a bit of fine tuning.

On the bright side, the books stands out from rest of them due to a multitude of reasons:

  1. The book discusses at length about a missing weapon, a deadly one. This is the beginning of all the chaos.
  2. The book begins with the death of the Protagonist and wait for it, it continues from the Protagonists viewpoint. That is pretty rare.

So while it has the factors of afterlife, a loose weapon posing threat to the country, and spies at R&AW for which Shruti works, it slightly touches upon the romance between the couple and the love between a father and a daughter. To Sum up, it is a quick, breezy read which requires a little bit of fine tuning in terms of sequences.