96 The Movie Depicts Love and Life as it is

96 The Movie swept us off the feet with its songs. Specially Kaathale had wrapped its tendrils around my heart and had tugged at it while I completely surrendered to Govind Vasantha’s music. To the call of that howling wolf.

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The movie it is not for everyone. The entire movie lacks any kind of action. It is a very slow paced movie, the first half being painfully so. But that is necessary for 96. Unlike other movies, this one tries to depict the feelings of the protagonists in depth in an un-rushed manner. Once you get into the rhythm of the movie, you’ll find yourself turning into the characters. The movie makes you pine. The movie makers have taken their time in laying the premise and turning you into the characters. Only if you have the patience.

The movie alternates between the present and an old 10th standard classroom. It alternates between the story from each character’s viewpoint. It isn’t your usual love story. There are no cheesy lines. There are no fingers brushing for the sake of depicting romance. There’s just this ocean of love for each other that they try to contain within themselves. Not letting it slip between their fingers in spite of it being too heavy to hold.


By the time the second half begins, you are brimming with questions. You are halfway there, becoming one of them. You are finding ways to think of loopholes for a happy ending. The movies in general have trained us to look for twists and happy endings. The scene where the two of them sit in the hotel room has the crux of the story. With a simple conversation, they manage to stir our souls. We feel their helplessness, the pain, the desperation. We are overwhelmed with so many ‘Ifs’. And we watch helplessly, waiting for a closure.

The movie ends.

Some movies depict life in all its rawness, in its unfairness and helplessness. 96 is one such. All you can do is, be a helpless viewer. You’ll so desperately want to do something, but you know that some things in life cannot be changed. You cannot go back, miracles don’t happen, twists don’t happen. Not always in life. 96 The Movie – depicts life.

Must watch if you’ve the patience to sit through a no action, no cliché, romance movie.
A Fresh story telling perspective.
Amazing choice of cast.
Rating – 5/5

Image Credits – Official Facebook page of 96 The Movie

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  1. rationalraj2000

    “Only if you have the patience.”- Guess I did not have the required patience.

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