The Year that Flew Past


2019 came so silently that I didn’t even know how the New Year flew by.

I haven’t been blogging at all after I got my job and dust has begun to settle on my blog. 2018 was eventful in both good and bad ways, but mostly good. It is customary for me to make a bucket-list at the beginning of every year  and review the previous year. I am not sure if I should do it this time. But the customary come back post is what I am writing now.

Having stayed away from blogging, I think it is time to take things forward; give life to my blog once again. This is what I have in mind with respect to 2019 and blogging –

  1. Write a post a week which would sum up to 52 posts in a year.
  2. Write posts that would be helpful to people. Perhaps take up topics that real people face, discuss them and give solutions.
  3. Write posts that will inspire people to wake up everyday and do something with their lives.
  4. Write posts to clear my head. For myself.

I feel like I am returning to a world that I had left and it feels odd! I don’t know who are or will be visiting this space now. Whoever is, I would request you to give me one tiny push so that I’d continue blogging. Thank you.

While we are on the topic of 2018, this is something I want to do. I would like to remember my fellow blogger and friend Alok Singhal who passed in August last year. He had no idea how his words and comments encouraged me immensely. He had no idea how I respected him and adored him. I should have told him. Maybe that is something I’ll do this year. Tell people how I feel about them.

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  1. Venice

    It’s good to know that you’re around here! 🙂 Waiting to read your posts…

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