Because You and I Need This at Some Point

Putting things off, not living life to the fullest, harboring dreams that never seem to manifest are all part of many of our lives. We try so many different things to change our habits, get over our laziness, improve our lifestyle and we always end up where we began. During the last couple of years, these are some things that helped me get over a few of my fears and procrastination. In general, these are some random things that improved my life at least slightly.

When I Wanted a Job

There’s no use waiting for someone to give you that push. Unless you mentally decide to do something, you’ll keep digging in your heels. Unless you search for jobs, send your resumes and interact with employers, you won’t have chances of getting a good job. If your friends bring you the best jobs, they won’t be of any use unless you act on them. The onus is upon you to take an action in order to get ahead of where you are now.

When I Wanted to go For a Long Trip

If you want that expensive watch but you’ve been putting it away for a time when you’ll have more money, you are never going to get it. Start by saving a small portion from your salary. If your watch costs 12000 bucks, save 1000 bucks a month and in a year, you’ll have your watch. If you are to wait for a day when you can spend 12000 bucks all at once, it might take 4-5 years.

When I Kept Putting of My Dream Trip

For someone like me who works 6 days a week, travelling frequently is unthinkable. I use up most of my leaves to go home and am almost always left with very less leaves. Last year when I decided to start traveling, initially I kept putting it off. Because, what if the audit happens, what if I need the leave for something else, what if my leave doesn’t get approved were few of the many questions my mind kept throwing at me. Fed up of my own excuses, I booked a package tour and decided to see how the whole scenario turned out.


There were no hassles at all. I got my leave, I went for the trip and it turned out to be one of the best trips I have ever had. If I hadn’t booked the tour, I wouldn’t have made it fearing so many unreal scenarios. That’s when I decided to first book my trip and then figure out how to manifest it. There are more chances of you making to that trip if you’ve already paid for it. 😛

Whenever I Writhe in Pain During Menstruation/Migraine

If you are having a bad day, instead of fighting it, accept that things aren’t going well and reassure yourself wholeheartedly that it wouldn’t last beyond 2 days or a week. I am emphasizing on ‘whole-heartedly’ because it is something you should really feel and accept. If you do so, you’ll have the strength to deal with whatever you are facing. Because you have realized that it is just a matter of time before things go back to being normal.

When too Many Apps Weigh Me Down and Make me Feel Worthless

There are so many articles, apps and motivational pages that suggest a million things that would improve your lifestyle. Do not buy them all at once. Take one app/article/lifestyle at a time and work towards making a habit out of it. My phone was cluttered with lifestyle improvement apps and I just deleted half of them. I feel more at peace now.


Most of these are what a procrastinator or an over-thinker needs. But all of us do end up at these spots once in a while and it is always good to keep these in mind and act accordingly. But do you know what the first thing  you need to do is? Start saving for that expensive thing you’ve been planning to buy. It has been way too long you’ve been putting it off. So go for it right now. Keep aside a 500 or a 1000 rightaway!

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  1. Parul Thakur

    I am with you there. We all need to take those small steps to where we need to be. It takes time but it makes it easy in the mind. When VT and I plan a trip, the first thing we do is book flight tickets. Once that is done, then we can do anything but plan for everything else. It makes it easy 🙂
    Hope you get to do all that you wish to.

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