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Aina – The Mirror

When you look into the mirror, what do you see?

I sometimes see this absolutely flawless, independent human. At other times, the dark complexion, the grey strands of hair, the specs, the marks, discoloration and freckles are visible at full saturation level, completely highlighted! I could almost hear those grey hairs sing!

I am not asking you to look into the mirror and see a flawless, celestially beautiful, strong and independent person throughout the year. Nobody sees that. Not even your motivational speakers, no matter how strongly they emphasize that you see it.

I am asking you to feel really good about yourself when you do. Enjoy that feeling. Let it grow. And during those days when you notice the so called flaws, accept that they are a part of you, and then distract yourself. Because the more you brood on your flaws, the bigger they’ll seem to you until they take away your sleep. No good could come out of it.

I am dark complexioned. Sometimes, just sometimes that bothers me. Very rarely though. I have accepted that this is my color and when it begins to bother me, I distract myself. It works like a charm. Trust me! It does! 🙂

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