Enough of books, poems and stories.

Can I bury myself inside the creases of my bedsheet, go into hibernation as the spring blankets all that was once dull and dry?

Let me stay asleep for days, weeks and when the first leaf begins to burn in the scorching heat of the sun, the sky will shed a tear. As the tear soothes the dry leaf, and brings solace to everything that’s been touched by the fury of the sun, I’d have germinated from where I’ve buried myself.

Sometimes that’s all you need. When the world seems overwhelming and you have too much to put up with, bury yourself where no one will find you. You’ll see that you already have enough and more within you for the germination to happen.

You’ll see that the one you buried wouldn’t be the same as the one that emerged later.

This post is a part of #BlogchatterA2Z challenge

6 thoughts on “Bury

  1. That is quiet contemplation. Many a time people take them away from the din and bustle to spend time quietly. That is when old ideas give way to new thoughts.


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