Existence Fading into Emptiness

One fine day I woke up and realized,

That the right side of my bed had always been creaseless.

The fights,

about who loved more,

were all by myself.

I had been staring at emptiness

while I thought I was admiring your beauty.

The midday conversations we had,

those sudden morning kisses,

deciding what food to eat,

those angry fights where I kept yelling louder and louder;

you were never there in any of those.

The urge to love was so strong

that I had to conjure you up

to unburden myself

of all the love I had amassed all these years.

As I loved with every chromosome of my existence,

I transformed into the one I loved.

And every time I loved a little stronger,

I faded.

Until I ceased to exist.

You were all that remained.
Your smell.
Your fallen hair.
Your clothes that were strewn across the floor.
Your amount of sugar in my coffee.
The food you loved.
Your favorite color in my room.
Your reflection in my mirror.

And then one day

I woke up

to realize that

you never existed

and I had lost myself.

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  1. Reema D'souza

    Beautifully written Ranjini! The emotions are so well brought out.

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