Hesitating At the Entrance

The gate.
It’s ajar; an invitation.
I don’t know what’s within. I can walk in or choose to ignore it.
It looks eerie. Slightly haunted. Perhaps, there’s danger lurking right where the fog blinds me. Or perhaps, it’s a haven.

I hesitate at the entrance, weighing the pros and cons.

What if it’s a wrong choice? ‘What if it holds whatever you have been living for? You won’t know unless you go inside.’ says a voice from within me.

I hesitate at the entrance. I don’t decide to go in. I don’t decide to leave. ‘Millions have hesitated at the entrance and a million lives died here at the spark. They could have become raging fires! But they just stood here until they burnt out.’ That jilts me and I take a step forward.

What if all of it goes to waste? The time, the effort, the confidence that I’m mustering right now? Skepticism whispers to me and fear growls at me. ‘You won’t know until you go inside. Whether you stand here or walk away, if you’re going to spend the rest of your journey wondering what was inside, you could as well go in and find out yourself. Spare yourself the future regret and self doubt. Go! Now!’ I take a couple more steps towards the gate and stop. Let the fog clear. That’s when I’ll go inside.

I. Hesitate. At. The. Entrance.

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